What would happen to you if you trained like Goku and Vegeta?

Goku's gravity training.

Goku’s gravity training.

Dragon Ball is a Japanese anime series that marked a whole generation in the world. In the Valencian Community, it sounds strange to most of them to call it that, or even in its name in English, Dragon Ball, since it was broadcast on the defunct Channel 9 and TV3 and everyone knew it as Drac Ball.

The adventures of Goku and his large group of friends and enemies still have a legion of fanatical followers. And your level of geekism often reaches level Super saiyan (“superguerrer” in Valencian).

We have a good example in the recent interview published on the official Dragon Ball website at Yutaka hirata, professor of the Department of Robotics Science and Technology at the University of Chubu, who explains what would happen, among other things, if the gravity training that Goku and Vegeta undergo in the series are carried out. They even did some experiment.

Between the conclusions to which the expert arrives, it is worth highlighting the following

  • In Dragon Ball, Goku and Vegeta get to train under some G-force levels of 100 and 300.

  • Professor Yutaka Hirata has also done experiments under increased gravity … though only at a 2G level.

  • He explains that they initially tried to do experiments with 3G, but there was a risk that blood circulation would decrease sharply and cause the participants fainting.

  • If you do the training under a force of 100G it would be, literally, as if 100 people with the same weight were put on you, which would end up causing that all your bones will break.

  • Going into a little more detail about the previous point, Hirata states that “assuming that the gravitational force is applied vertically, your heart and lungs could not function given the force that pushes you against the ground, which in turn would slow down the blood circulation to your brain and, as a consequence, you would pass out. At the same time your bones and muscles would suffer excruciating damage. So, on the off chance that you did not pass out, it would be impossible in any case that you could bear all that. ”

  • Professor Hirata also speculates that it is quite safe to assume that hypothetical beings born on planets with higher gravity levels than Earth would surely be stronger than normal.

  • However, remember, gravity training is not intended to improve muscle mass as such, but rather the brain’s neural network to make it possible to send more precise messages to all the muscles of the body.

Vegeta during his 400 gravity training.

If you think that the study and its conclusions are, at least, extravagant, do not miss some of the comments that the publication has generated among the Hispanic public, showing that they know the series by heart and, above all, they take it very seriously. Maybe too much:

A user named Israel argues that “surely if there is a warrior race similar to the Saiyan, their ability to increase their strength and resistance would be similar to Wolverine regeneration, in which when a bone breaks, the weld is stronger, or when you properly practice impacts such as punches, compression of the bone and decompression generate new cells, making the bone stronger against those impacts “.

Another, who is presented Jessoo smoke, adds: “In fact, he is right that other beings that are born on other planets are more resistant such as Goku and Vegeta, since on one occasion Yamcha wanted to train the same with increased gravity and almost killed himself, he could hardly turn off gravity so you don’t die. ”

Jose Manuel insists on the same argument: “In itself Goku and Vegeta are aliens and, well, their anatomy is very different from human. There was a case with Yamcha, who out of curiosity wanted to enter to train in the gravity machine and ended up on the floor , he couldn’t bear the gravity of the room and it was difficult for him to shut down the machine. And, well, Yamcha is a human. ”

Here we have found the moment alluded to:

Anderson agrees: “Well, it should be noted that it is proven that warriors develop more resistant bodies due to the level of their training. Especially those who practice martial arts since they also learn different types of breathing and in the case of GoKu and Vegeta they are aliens, so I don’t think Akira Toriyama’s vision is so unreal. ”

Samuel Navarro contributes a ration of ecology to the debate: “It is good to create, invent, but on the subject of science and terrestrial gravity you should not play. They say that nothing is impossible, but it is about not hurting terrestrial life, that already she is beginning to be punished. If not, why is it so hot in September? At that rate we would spend Christmas on the beaches and swimming pools. We could try putting weight on ourselves to exercise seriously. ”

Gregorio Arriaga settles the discussion: “The training with G300 is something fanciful, as there are beings capable of charging their own planet with a single discharge from their Kia. Can you imagine that such beings existed here on Earth? The planet would have already disappeared in infinity of occasions (here we are loading the planet, but in a slower way …) “.

But beware, there is more than one youtuber who has also taken the matter seriously:


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