What would happen if there was no time? – The province

What would happen if there was no time? - The province

All those who arrive late will surely have imagined themselves a world without clocks, without pressures or schedules to meet. But, if there was no time, Would our lives change a lot or would everything remain the same?

Many scientists have questionedto the existence of time and they defend that we live in a world without time, like Julian Barbour.

The English physicist explains that at the quantum level, time has no meaning, so he believes that time (which governs everything in our day to day) It is not really a fundamental aspect in our world.

Barbour explains that the universe is a great collection of moments that he calls lots. According to your research line it does not make sense to want to temporarily sort those different moments since it does not change anything. Simply these heaps are and time, according to this theory, is an illusion created by our brain.

According to Barbour, time is an illusion created by our brain

Is time an illusion?

The reasoning that time is an illusion and that it does not really exist can be explained with a clear example. Imagine that you want to see the movie 'Titanic' on DVD and that in a way random jumps forward and backward.

First you see the sequence in which Rose is on the platform after the shipwreck of the cruise and then you contemplate the scene in which Jack and Rose are placed in the bow of the boat and say that popular: "I am the king of the world" .

The mythical scenes of 'Titanic', altered in time.

For the viewer these changes do not make any sense, but the protagonists see no problem On it. In each sequence they do what they have to do and repeat it over and over again. According to the theory that time is an illusion, if you could stop the movie at that moment and ask the characters what they think at that moment, they would respond precisely the same as if the viewer were watching the movie without those temporary jumps.

What we are in the now is a consequence of our experience at that moment

In other words, in each scene the protagonists always have the memories that corresponds to that scene.

The physicists who defend this line explain that every moment in space-time, it's like each of the scenes in the film and what we are in each moment, which is the present, the now, It is a consequence of our experience at that time.

The life of people, which in essence is their memory and their memories, is a set of slides that give the feeling of the passage of time. Further, This sensation does not need the existence of previous moments: everything is gathered in that concrete slide of the universe.


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