July 8, 2020

What will be the most demanded job profiles? – The province

The artificial intelligenceand therobotics Will they change our personal and work life? Will we lose our job or are robots just a fad?

There are several moments in history that mark a definitive change in the course of humanity: knowing how to produce fire, the invention of the wheel, gunpowder or nuclear energy. These facts changed the course of the human being.

Change in work relationships

Today there are events that are producing changes in an accelerated way. They are those related to robotics and artificial intelligence. Both phenomena are changing labor relations worldwide and the human resources sector, leadership and legal system that regulates these aspects.

The perspectivefor the year 2025It will affect millions of jobs. According to the figures ofWorld Economic Forumsome will be destroyed75 million jobsbut another 133 million will be created, for which very specific training and robust knowledge is required.

Therefore, the problem lies in the retraining of people and work teams and in the restructuring of business models.

In Finland, for example, automated companies are in need of employees, but there are not enough with the necessary skills and abilities in that labor market.

The tendency is that little by little the manual and repetitive works are replaced. Creativity, the arts, digital marketing specialists, professors with digital skills, digital innovation auditors, computer forensics, lawyers and legislators who understand the computer paradigm will be, among others, the most demanded profiles.

The use of artificial intelligence

In an article recently published in the Albanian scientific journal Academicus I analyze in depth this change, which is not a fad, but is impacting all areas of the company as we know them today.

Together to the new profiles, There are others already in existence that will see how their tasks are simplified with the use of artificial intelligence. The clearest examples are the sieve automation ofresumes in the area of ​​human resources, the location of sentences in legal systems such as the Anglo-Saxon that is already being expedited with automated processes, and the financial analysts, which will only be necessary for the recommendations of selling portfolios, as for the acquisition of them Artificial intelligence is already doing that role.

The fourth Industrial Revolution

We are living the fourth Industrial Revolution. Many business models undergo major changes. Big companies likeNokiaorBlackberrythey have felt it very clearly, and that they were companies of technological products, but if we do not constantly innovate others will, and both companies and the consumer want to maximize profits and make life easier.

The thousands ofmobile appsThey go to the market every day to solve one thing or another, even problems that we had never considered or situations that would be unthinkable: for example, an app to have fictitious conversations.

But the current perspective does not look good for many people who are being "uberized", that is, they are not covered by any contract (and, if they are, they become 24 hours or less). The right to strike is also extinguished very clearly.

We see systems like Amazon's Mechanical Turk, which pays pennies for doing repetitive tasks, such as ordering thousands of databases alphabetically in 24 hours.

Robotization and AI implementation are impacting even e-government models and their way of relating to citizens. Technology parks will be a thing of the past, because working from home will become even more common than it is now.

In summary, the constant technological changes and their impact on the workforce are causing a domino effect that can change the corporate culture, laws and workers in the coming years. And those changes and digital transformations will continue to increase.

This article was originally published inThe Conversation. read theoriginal.

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