Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

What we needed to become Americans

Lo que nos faltaba para convertirnos en americanos fetén

To the progressive Americanization - it is understood that on the part of U.S- which has experienced since World War II Spain and the rest of Europe, only one ingredient is missing to be complete, such is the strength of its soft power. This phenomenon is noticeable in the batch of elections to which we will soon be called but whose electoral campaigns have been ongoing for some time now.

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A candidate from Badajoz could move his campaign to New Mexico without the New Mexicans realizing that who speaks to them is a stray Extremaduran, since our man wears the same as any American politician who boasts, utters in his speech the same arguments, He brutally demonizes his enemies, promises what he knows -and the voters know- in no way can he give, and all this is done micro-in-hand, pacing back and forth to Steve Jobs.

Both in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Alburquerque, Badajoz, militants who have come to the meeting shake flags and wear badges and caps with the effigy of the candidate. At the end of his electrifying intervention, a shower of balloons with the logo of the game and tons and more tons of confetti fall from the roof of the sports center. It sounds loud, of course, the 'My Way' of good Frankie. Outside, even the Extremadura tobacco fields resemble the Neomexicanos.

The same happens throughout the country. There must be few Spanish towns in which people, especially young people, do not stuff themselves with hamburgers, drink Coca-Cola, wear jeans, listen to rap, follow the Netflix series, walk and eat like their Hollywood idols, but at the same time they congratulate themselves on being Andalusians, Galicians or Catalans.

It has been very expensive for us to convert ourselves to such an extent into petty Americans. Without going any further, no matter how much the European film industry held up pretty well until the 1960s, each country, in its own way and in its own language, ended up eclipsed when not rolled over by Hollywood. Even so, there is no European country, no matter how small, that does not have films that are true works of art. But unfortunately ours, many of them have never arrived or will never reach our rooms, at least not while the billboard is made by the 'majors' of Hollywood. to the

Music, dance, literature or the plastic arts, as well as our habits and addictions, have suffered the same fate. Nor have schools or universities been spared from their harmful influence. Many of our best minds have moved to America. And be it in Barbate or Bilbao, every cyclist is hooked to the social networks and platforms of Silicon Valley that entertain us so much while they watch us even in the most intimate part of our being.

Now, before perfecting our Americanization, we still need to take that final step, which is nothing but arming ourselves. Yes President Trump asks us to; his ex-adviser Steve Bannon recommends it to us; it is facilitated and promoted by the National Rifle Association (NRA), which rubs its hands thinking about the magnitude of the market that Matteo Salvini has just given him access to and that he has already agreed with Santiago Abascal. And that Spain already has 3 million weapons licenses in civilian hands. With a properly tuned legislation, the market that would open up before the American arms manufacturers would be almost unlimited.

However, with the bad grape that takes to skin for these payments, the last thing that we needed is that people go armed, if only to defend themselves in their own home. Quite simply, there are too many limit situations on a day-to-day basis that take us out of control, for example at a traffic light, keeping a line at the delicatessen or every time we see the neighbor's fifth-second face. Weddings and first communions would end in bloodbaths. It would not be a day without those who put the yellow ties with those who remove them, and vice versa.

Therefore, before we decide whether we should take that fateful final step, we might have to question very seriously the degree of Americanization we have so willingly assumed to date. There are some great Italian or Polish movies of which we know nothing; we have no idea of ​​the good music that is made in Greece or of the theater that is made in Romania or Lithuania. So, instead of pretending to arm ourselves politicians, it would be better that they give us access to what is already ours anyway, however much it remains out of reach. We already have enough with Trump and those hamburgers that do not fit one in the mouth.

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