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«What we have done in recent years is to democratize Suarez»

«What we have done in recent years is to democratize Suarez»

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As happens in fields as diverse as music, art or politics, in many cases everything remains in family. Also in the world of the company. As every year, the ASociation of the Family Business of Madrid (Adefam) recognizes the Business Family of the Year. In this edition it has fallen to the Suárez family, owner of Suárez Group. A chain of jewelers with 75 years of history and whose first store -about 20 square meters- was inaugurated in 1943 by Emiliano Suárez Faffián in Bilbao.

Emiliano Suárez Faffián, founder of Grupo Suárez "width =" 220 "height =" 220
Emiliano Suárez Faffián, founder of Grupo Suárez- SUÁREZ

Currently it has 21 stores present throughout Spain, in addition to being in several establishments of El Corte Inglés, while the other brand of the group -Aristocrazy- already has 90 points of sale in Spain and countries such as Chile, Mexico or France . The present and future of Suárez is embodied by the second and third generation: the sons of the founder, Emiliano and Benito, as well as two of the sons of the second, Juan and Gabriel, creative directors of Aristocrazy and Suárez Joyerías respectively. At present, the Suárez Group invoices close to 100 million euros.

Aristocrazy already has 90 stores for 21 establishments in Suárez

Asked for the recognition they have just received, Benito Suárez, who welcomes ABC into his modern office surrounded by the images of a random life that has led him from the tatami (he was an elite karateka) to jewelry, he sums it up: "It is the prize for the value of three generations", and he adds that awards like Adefam "stimulate us to keep doing things better every day". For Juan (Aristocrazy) "the most important thing is that the family businessmen have granted it". An award that arrives "at the best" moment for the Suárez Group, in the words of the company's co-president. To which Gabriel Suárez adds that "they are probably younger than ever: for two years now there has been a creative explosion in the brand".

Both Suárez Joyerías and Aristocrazy have opted to approach a younger client and overstep the limits of traditional jewelry. In the case of Suárez, specifically, working with artists such as Okuda or the British DFace. "We are going to approach environments that can bring us closer to a different audience," says Gabriel Suarez about the latest collections of the firm. For the creative director of the brand, Juan Suarez, more traditional of the Suarez Group, he is making a type of jewelry "that nobody has dared to do".

Benito Suárez, co-president of the company
Benito Suárez, co-president of the company - ISABEL PERMUY

The principle of change

The creation of Aristocrazy in 2010, in the midst of crisis, has meant in the words of its creative director «an innovative and disruptive contribution» for the entire company, «to integrate the world of jewelry in the field of purchase and retail codes or fashion ». What has allowed them to expand their clientele: "Aristocrazy is a jewelry aimed at more consumption on impulse and I would say that Suárez is more for special occasions", summarizes the creative maxim of the young brand. For Benito, co-president of the group, «What we have done in the last eight years is to democratize Suarez». All this with completely different creative teams and independence between both brands.

The changes are happening quickly in Suárez and reach the manufacturing, design, distribution, sales and customer service processes that the family controls to the last detail: "We are 100% vertical," says Benito, who guarantees that all stages, from the careful selection of raw material from countries such as Thailand, India or Brazil -«The best do not bring it to you, you have to go and look for it»- until commercialization in each of the physical stores.

Emiliano and Benito Suárez, the second generation- SUÁREZ

Specifically, about the physical points of sale - they have come to sell some pieces through Instagram for customers with residence in New York - Gabriel emphasizes that these "today are extremely open and our customers see what goes on inside". In his opinion, the redesign of its stores carried out by a French studio and the alliance with The English Court have allowed "many people have lost the fear of entering a jewelry store."

On the future challenges of the company, Gabriel points out that «Aristocrazy must continue to consolidate in Spain, as well as to deepen internationalization ». All with own funds and in a sustainable manner. Recently three establishments have opened in France, two in Paris and one in Dijon. On the other hand, about Suárez Joyerías, it aims at its consolidation in Spain, while it indicates as a pending issue to leave Spain. "The first step will be to go to Mexico at the end of the year," says the creative mind of the brand.

In the opinion of Benito, of the second generation, "Suárez's success is and will be not to lose the values ​​of the jewelery but, at the same time, to be contemporary and innovative". A success that, in part, they share with society through the Suárez Foundation with which they help Father Angel or go to scholarship to young design talents without resources.


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