Tue. Feb 25th, 2020

what we do about coronavirus is more than enough

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has assured that with the measures that Spain is taking with respect to the outbreak of coronavirus “it is more than enough”, although if they had to adopt additional ones they would agree.

After the closing of an act of the Spanish Federation of Parents with Children with Cancer, Illa has insisted on the message of confidence in the National Health System.

“In Spain we are doing what we have to do and based on the daily evaluations that we are doing from the Ministry in close cooperation with the autonomous communities, if additional measures were to be taken, we would take them and communicate them, but for now with what we are doing is more than enough, “said the minister.

Salvador Illa has assured that the meeting held Thursday in Brussels with his European counterparts served to “increase and strengthen the coordination mechanisms of European partners” and agreed to follow the WHO guidelines.

“It is basically to put in place the mechanisms that we already have in Spain, of early detection of cases and isolation in which they test positive, in addition to strengthening the mechanisms of information at the points of entry into the EU,” he added.

In addition, Illa said that those responsible for the WHO and the European Agency “conveyed the impression that China is doing what it has to do and therefore the system must be trusted.”


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