September 23, 2020

“What we are reading we do not like”

The deputy secretary of national Communication of the PP, Pablo Montesinos, has recognized this Sunday that the information about the Kitchen case – the espionage of Bárcenas to obtain compromised documentation for his party in the power of ex-treasurer Luis Bárcenas – “worries” in the Popular Party. The leader has advocated for letting the Justice act, while defending the presumption of innocence, although he has affirmed that some issues published in the press about the Operation seem “serious” and they do not like them.

Chronology of an espionage to rid the PP of its 20 years of black money

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This is how Montesinos has been asked about the information published this Sunday by the newspaper El País, where the former Secretary of State for Security between 2013 and 2016, Francisco Martínez, assures that he was “astonished” when Jorge Fernández Díaz, then Minister of the Interior, detailed the operation to spy on the former Treasurer of the PP Luis Bárcenas and that he will relate to the judge “everything” you know.

“The things that we are reading in the media are things that we do not like. They are things that concern us,” said Montesinos in relation to the information published in the media about the Kitchen case, which investigates the alleged use of funds and means of the Ministry of the Interior in times of Mariano Rajoy to favor the interests of the PP.

“When the rule of law works, what a responsible party has to do is defend the presumption of innocence, respect it and let the Justice act, without adding any other qualifier,” Montesinos asserted. He has insisted that his party will not do like “other political formations”, that what they are doing, in his opinion, is attacking the media for asking, or the Justice “for doing their job.”

Also, Montesinos has defended the “total” commitment of the national president of the PP, Pablo Casado, with “exemplary and transparency”, as he has always shown. Days ago, the leader of the PP referred to Operation Kitchen as a judicial investigation that comes “from long past times” and was unmarked by ensuring that on that date he was only a deputy for Ávila and had “no responsibility” in the party .

“The PP is a party that shows its face”

“The PP is a party that shows its face, not like others. This is a party that respects the presumption of innocence, not like others. It is a party that respects the work of the Courts, not like others. It is a party that carries exemplarity and transparency as its flag ”, stressed the deputy secretary of national Communication of the PP. In this sense, asked if he is in favor of opening an internal investigation in the PP in this regard, Montesinos has reiterated that they respect the presumption of innocence and the judicial procedures.

In similar terms, he has spoken when asked about the request for suspension of militancy that the PSOE of Castilla-La Mancha has requested for María Dolores de Cospedal, former president of the Castilian-La Mancha PP, after the Prosecutor’s Office has requested his imputation.

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