'What Walaa wants', the struggle of a West Bank refugee to be a police officer – La Provincia

What Waala wants, The award-winning documentary that tells the fight of a teenage West Bank refugee to become a police officer is the new proposal of Canarian Film Library for this week in the cycle Documentary of the Month. Made by the Canadian director Christy Garland, the film will be screened today Tuesday 26, in the Guiniguada Theater, at 7:00 p.m.

What Walaa wants It is about a teenager who lives in a refugee zone in Balata and has decided to enlist in the forces of the Palestinian National Authority. His goal is to become a policeman and, although the tests are tough, if he succeeds, it will be one of the few women to play that role in the West Bank. Although still young and immature, the life of the protagonist is marked by the instinct of survival and overcoming great obstacles, such as that her mother is in prison for helping a suicide bomber and that her brother intends to imitate her idols in the street fighting These family situations and the difficulty in accessing the police force, force her to rethink her goal on more than one occasion.

The documentary shows the life of a woman from 15 to 21 years old, who is willing to question what is established and the structures that surround her. The film that premiered in 2018 won the Best Canadian Documentary Award at the Hot Docs Festival, the Margaret Mead Filmmaker that same year and was nominated for Best Documentary Glasshütte Original in the last edition of the Berlinale, among others.


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