What to watch today on TV? | Thursday, January 30, 2020 | TV

18.35 / Cinema Ñ

The year of the lights

What to watch today on TV? | Thursday, January 30, 2020

Spain, 1986 (104 minutes). Director: Fernando Trueba. Interpreters: Jorge Sanz, Maribel Verdú, Manuel Alexandre.

Fernando Trueba's fifth film was moving away from the intentions of his two previous successes, Get fat Y Be unfaithful and don't look with who, to enter more intimate territories and fill their images with a remarkable tenderness. The year of the lights It is an intense portrait of the adolescent universe, with warm intentions, covered by a script by Rafael Azcona and Trueba himself, which places the action in the postwar period, but with the intention of fleeing from topical looks. Trueba approaches his protagonist partner with the precise tenderness and lets some bitter grounds gradually take over the story. In this way, he achieves a film as simple as emotional.

20.00 / Movistar Action

The visit

What to watch today on TV? | Thursday, January 30, 2020

The Visit USA, 2015 (94 minutes). Director: M. Night Shyamalan. Interpreters: Olivia Dejonge, Ed Oxenbould, Deanna Dunagan, Peter McRobbie, Kathryn Hahn.

After several years in which he had lost the attention of viewers, following films such as Airbender, the last warrior Y After Earth, Shyamalan was resurrected with this movie of modest postulates, but of unusual visual power. Delivered to some images that explode from a camera in hand (the one used by one of the protagonists), Shyamalan poses an amazing terrifying film in which the stay of two brothers in their grandparents' house will reveal unexpected nightmares. A masterpiece born of absolute expressive simplicity.

20.00 / The 2

Juan Echanove, in Atención Attention, works! ’

What to watch today on TV? | Thursday, January 30, 2020

The cultural container that Carlos del Amor presents this week includes an interview with the actor Juan Echanove, who represents in the theater tables the adaptation of the novel The Feast of the Goat, by Mario Vargas Llosa. In addition, it will include a report on the poetic and musical collaboration between poet Luis García Montero and singer-songwriter Quique González. The program will also stop at the work of photographer Chema Madoz, who exhibits at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Madrid and at the Joan Prats gallery in Barcelona.

22.30 / The Sixth

Another chaotic restaurant for Alberto Chicote

What to watch today on TV? | Thursday, January 30, 2020

Chef Alberto Chicote travels to the town of Navalmoral de la Mata in this delivery of Nightmare in the kitchen. You must take care of helping the restaurant Andrew's legacy, a menu restaurant for the workers of the main industrial estate in the area. Clients do not attend, no matter how hard the local team tries and Chicote will soon detect a fundamental cause in the business malfunction: lack of leadership

22.40 / The 1

Toni goes to the Iraq war, in ‘Tell me’

What to watch today on TV? | Thursday, January 30, 2020

Valentine's Day 1991 arrives at the series Tell me, although the members of the Alcantara family will have a very different time. Toni is in Jordan, with the rest of the international journalists covering the Iraq war. Mercedes and Antonio will meet after knowing that María has made an appointment at a gynecological clinic. Meanwhile, Ines participates in a test for a Vicente Aranda film.

23.00 / The 2

The most apocalyptic delivery of ‘Sánchez and Carbonell’

What to watch today on TV? | Thursday, January 30, 2020

This week, the space Sánchez and Carbonell explore the consequences of a possible apocalypse. Astrophysics Eva Villaver will be present in the program, which will explain how the final stage of the sun's life will be, within 5,000 million years, which will engulf the Earth forever. Other visitors will be the designer Palomo Spain and the actor Javier Botet. Live music will not be missing, with the performance of Travis Birds.


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