What to watch today on TV? | Monday, January 27, 2020 | TV

12.30 / The 2

The time of the guns

What to watch today on TV? | Monday, January 27, 2020

Hour of the Gun. Director: John Sturges. Interpreters: James Garner, Jason Robards, Robert Ryan.

John Sturges delivers an excellent wéstern that follows in the footsteps of the legendary Wyatt Earp and Doc Hollyday. He finds them again after the duel of OK Corral, and discovers them declassed and tormented. A bitter and hopeless film, in a gloomy tone, in which the filmmaker seeks the precise framing, the right image. A masterpiece that defines a cinema that has already disappeared.

15.30 / History

A memory of Auschwitz's release

What to watch today on TV? | Monday, January 27, 2020

The History channel offers a special program with which it commemorates the liberation by the Soviet troops of the Nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1945. Several documentaries serve that purpose: among them, The Nazi Gospels explore the roots of Nazi ideology and how the Third Reich manipulated history and religion; The banker of the Third Reich remember the figure of Hjalmar Schacht, responsible for the rise to power of Adolf Hitler even though he never played in the party, and Hitler and the science of evil recreates Ahnenerbe, the research institute that was created in order to demonstrate the scientific foundation of Nazi ideology

16.00 / TCM

Duel in the high mountains

What to watch today on TV? | Monday, January 27, 2020

Ride the High Country. USA, 1962 (95 minutes). Director: Sam Peckinpah. Interpreters: Randolph Scott, Joel McCrea.

In 1962, the outbursts of violence from films like Wild group. The characters he portrays in Duel in the high mountains They have not yet learned to hate, even if they are already tired heroes, forced to assume that they live in a West that no longer belongs to them. And they are veteran cowboys, who look scars, aware of their gray destiny; however, they will have one last chance to demonstrate their heroism. Sam Peckinpah would never look at his characters with such tenderness: as a filmmaker, little by little, he would also be consumed by anger. The last sequence of Duel in the high mountains, as beautiful as overwhelming, bears the signature of an indispensable filmmaker.

18.00 / Cinema Ñ


What to watch today on TV? | Monday, January 27, 2020

Spain, 2003 (98 minutes). Director: Achero Mañas. Interpreters: Óscar Jaenada, Ingrid Rubio, Adriana Domínguez, Juan Díaz.

After his deep portrait of the heart of a working-class neighborhood in the splendid The ball, Achero Mañas casts a heartfelt look inside an independent theater company of the seventies. And you can reproach the excessive ingenuity that emerges in some sequences, but there are no cinematographic times to despise a film filmed in an open grave, which embraces all possible risks, which plunges into the search for utopia by a group of young people to whom it is inevitable to shudder. November It is a cry of rebellion, irregular if you want, but as committed and torn as beautiful. A shout that cannot be tasted with the strict look of cinephilia, but must be enjoyed with the heart.

21.45 / Antenna 3

‘The anthill’ receives Luis Tosar and Anna Castillo

What to watch today on TV? | Monday, January 27, 2020

Pablo Motos receives on the set of The anthill to two renowned Spanish interpreters, Luis Tosar and Anna Castillo. In addition to dealing with the questions of the Trancas and Barrancas ants, both will talk about their new movie, Adú, which opens in cinemas on January 31. A work that tells three stories with a common context: the poverty of Africa and the extreme situation in which its inhabitants find themselves.

22.40 / Telecinco

An unexpected death, in ‘Living without permission’

What to watch today on TV? | Monday, January 27, 2020

This week's installment of the series Live without permission It includes the unexpected murder of a key character in the plot. This episode tells how the war between the Mexicans and the Bandeira is intensifying: Monterroso will be determined to end Nemo, although Judge Cambeiro will try to avoid it, since she believes that they have all the tricks in her hand to get her to end up in jail.


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