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What to watch today on TV? | Monday, January 20, 2019 | TV

21.45 / The 1

Interview with Pedro Sánchez

What to watch today on TV? | Monday, January 20, 2019

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, will offer on Monday January 20 on RTVE his first television interview after taking office. Live, from the Palacio de la Moncloa, Sanchez will answer the questions of journalists Ana Blanco and Carlos Franganillo. The interview can be followed on La 1, Canal 24 horas, Radio 5 and on the RTVE.es website.

21.45 / Antenna 3

‘El Hormiguero’ receives a visit from Bonnie Tyler

What to watch today on TV? | Monday, January 20, 2019

Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler, an icon of the music of the 80s, visits tonight’s set The anthill. Pablo Motos will chat with the artist, who visits Spain on a tour in which he will participate along with other renowned artists of that decade, on January 25 at the WizinkCenter in Madrid. Tyler will remember some of his successes, of the caliber from It’s to heartache, Total eclipse of the heart or Holding Out for a Hero.

22.00 / Movistar Drama


What to watch today on TV? | Monday, January 20, 2019

USA, 2012 (120 minutes). Director: Ben Affleck. Interpreters: Ben Affleck, John Goodman, Alan Arkin, Bryan Cranston.

Ben Affleck had already shown his good manners as a director in Goodbye, little bye Y The Town In this case, it provides a thorough staging to revive the so-called “hostage crisis” of 1979 in Iran, and to portray the rescue operation of US citizens that involved two governments, the CIA and also Hollywood. Affleck successfully manages narrative tension and imaginatively uses ellipses in a feverish and surprising story.

22.15 / The 1

Odeón Awards, the night of music in Spanish

What to watch today on TV? | Monday, January 20, 2019

Spanish music celebrates the first edition of the Odeón Awards, the great gala of Spanish and Latin music. The 1 broadcasts the event live, which will feature performances by more than 25 artists on stage, such as Pablo Alborán, Aitana, José Mercé, Lola Indigo, Alex Ubago, Andrés Suarez, India Martínez or Shuarma. Among the candidates for the awards are figures such as Alejandro Sanz, Amaral, Estopa, Mago de Oz, Vanesa Martín and Amaia. The Honor Prize will be awarded to veteran José Luis Perales.

22.40 / Telecinco

Second installment of ‘Live without permission’

What to watch today on TV? | Monday, January 20, 2019

The second episode of the second season of Live without permission puts the characters in the series in trouble. This delivery tells how Lara wants Nemo to reconcile with Mario; What he doesn’t know is that he has returned with the intention of sinking his boss and mentor. Meanwhile, Daniel and Freddy prepare a great attack on Inspector Monterroso.

23.15 / Cinema Ñ


What to watch today on TV? | Monday, January 20, 2019

Spain, 1998 (94 minutes). Director: Fernando León de Aranoa. Interpreters: Críspulo Cabezas, Eloy Yebra, Timy Benito, Marieta Orozco.

The reflection of life becomes life on the screen. Many filmmakers dream of getting what authors as diverse as Truffaut, Rosellini, Cassavetes or Kiarostami achieved. And also Fernando León, who has achieved in many occasions that his images breathe the truth. With that truth he portrays the protagonists of Neighborhood, three kids like so many others, true and close, with whom the filmmaker walks hand in hand to force the viewer to embrace his desires and frustrations. A marvel.

23.30 / The 2

‘Chronicles’ portrays the reality of refugees in Spain

What to watch today on TV? | Monday, January 20, 2019

The space Chronicles It addresses the situation of refugees and the increase in asylum applications in Spain. Last year the 118,000 applications for international protection in Spain were exceeded, more than double that of the previous year. Given this, the institutions do not have enough reception places, although they consider it mandatory to respond to the anguish of those who have to leave their country in search of security and hope.

0.10 / TCM

Pat Garrett and Billy the Child

What to watch today on TV? | Monday, January 20, 2019

Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. USA, 1973 (122 minutes). Director: Sam Peckinpah. Interpreters: Kris Kristofferson, James Coburn, Katy Jury.

The cinema of the new millennium still misses directors like Sam Peckinpah. A feverish, suicidal author, dumped in the cinema as a vital weapon, creator of stormy, bleeding images; an author who paid the price of his uprooting with the mutilation of many of his films and with contempt on the part of Hollywood studios. In a single sequence of any Peckinpah movie there is more cinema than in the entire filmography of hundreds of directors. Under Peckinpah’s gaze, bandit Billy the Boy and his friend, Sheriff Pat Garrett, revive wrapped in an emotional and somber ballad that vibrates between Bob Dylan’s musical notes. Both undertake a dark and funeral journey along the paths that walk two western icons condemned to live among ghosts, imprisoned in a time that ends.


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