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What to watch today on TV? | Monday, August 5, 2019 | TV

14.00 / DeCasa

‘Recycle’ season starts

What to watch today on TV? | Monday, August 5, 2019

Canal Decasa broadcasts the sixth season of Recycle you, presented by the restorer Chus Cano. As a novelty, in this new journey, produced in 4K format, it will be the spectators who commission the restoration of their favorite furniture. The expert will transform, recover and give a new air to the old, forgotten, disused or even damaged furniture, but full of memories, of the spectators of her program. Chus Cano travels in this new season of Recycle you the corners of Spain to fulfill the dreams of vintage lovers: in Madrid it will modernize a trench, in Valladolid it will recover a furniture bar from the sixties, in Badajoz it will convert some old wooden doors into a unique piece and in Soria it will repair a headboard and a footman.

21.00 / Movistar Releases


What to watch today on TV? | Monday, August 5, 2019

Blockers United States, 2018 (102 m.). Director: Kay Cannon. Interpreters: Leslie Mann, John Cena, Ike Barinholtz.

After being a blockbuster screenwriter the saga Giving the noteKay Cannondd debuts as director with this comedy out of tune and full of double senses and most unlikely situations. It does not fool anyone, it is what it is, a tape that bases all its effect and its grace, which has it, on pure and hard naturalness.

22.05 / The 1

Another ‘Trip to the TV center’

What to watch today on TV? | Monday, August 5, 2019

During the month of August the program will invite viewers to remember the best moments of the last seasons of this space with a new, more exciting assembly, in which the whole essence of TV has been summarized. The program compiles its most emblematic chapters: 'Shadow here', 'Respond again', 'Unforgettable duets', 'Kings of the disc', 'Momentazos de la tele' or 'Prodigious youth' are some of the episodes in which you will see the first time of the celebrities, the best disco music, the most impressive television moments, the father of the competitions ('One, two, three'), the first special that was dedicated on television to the Mecano group or the duos musicals that have made history.

22.40 / Telecinco

New challenges in ‘The crossing’

What to watch today on TV? | Monday, August 5, 2019

The camp will be threatened again in the new deliveries of The crossing First, Jude, desperate to rescue his son Oliver, will contact Emma to ask for a favor that could help the little one, but that would involve endangering all the refugees in the camp. Later, you will know that the refugees in the camp were not the only ones to arrive on Earth in the 21st century: a smaller group traveled earlier in time and Marshall is related to them. From this discovery, Jude will start looking for information about the previous migration.

22.40 / Antenna 3

‘The container’, more difficulties

What to watch today on TV? | Monday, August 5, 2019

Lidia will take the opportunity to go shopping with her friends and put on makeup, forgetting about her date with Dani. Meanwhile, friends Sergio, Raquel and Juanjo, will dance in the street to earn some coins and have dinner. The Izquierdo family and friends Desi and Marina will face their routines without their belongings. This is how a new installment of The Container starts, the best premiere of this summer (1,685,000 and 13.9% of Compartir).

22:45 / The 1

Women on the one hand, men on the other

What to watch today on TV? | Monday, August 5, 2019

Bernuy's men have been left alone, now is when the true experience of Seven days without them. On the bus on the way to Vera, women share moments of complicity, nerves, uncertainty and emotion. The night comes to the town and not everyone faces in the same way what comes to them. The first day dawns without them. It is time to wake up, take the children to school and get to work on time. Challenge that some face with energy and others with certain difficulties. Rober opens the bar not without certain adventures, and receives one of the protagonists who exchange their first impressions on how the week is presented. Manuel takes advantage of his mother's absence to invite some friends and make a "different" purchase with his friend Roberto.

two2.45 / Four

Special ‘The contest of the year’

What to watch today on TV? | Monday, August 5, 2019

Two well-known singers from the national scene, Edurne and Blas Cantó, will sponsor two duo contestants in the last special of prime time of The contest of the year. The Madrid singer will give her help to Isabel and Sergio, a wedding couple that comes from Granada with the hope of achieving a good prize with which to pay for their honeymoon and the apartment they have just acquired. For his part, the Murcian artist will be the godfather of Carla and Ángel, two bride and groom who aspire to get the 100,000 euros of the prize to defray the expenses of the house they are reforming and to which they will go to live. In this edition, Marián Conde, a prominent singer of the 70s, and Javier Castillejo, the most successful boxer in the history of Spain with eight world titles in his medal list, will star in two “live” program tracks.

23.40 / The 1

Temporal Temporary work ’: Vanesa Romero infiltrates the Police

What to watch today on TV? | Monday, August 5, 2019

On this occasion, Temporary job receive two artists who are used to work in front of the cameras and on stage … until now. Vanesa Romero, actress, presenter, model and writer, will put aside her length resume to face a challenge of maximum demand. The Alicante will infiltrate the Special Operations Group of the National Police Corps. A very different role that will remember a lifetime. Josema Yuste, meanwhile, is a humorist, actor, presenter and one of the most recognized faces on television. He has been making smiles with his humor for 40 years since Tuesday and 13. His jokes are already part of the story, but this time he will have to become a veterinarian, in the company of needles, dogs and horses.

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