Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

What to see today Tuesday night January 21 on television on the open?

Tonight’s Tuesday January 21st the television programming It will allow us to enjoy cinema, series and entertainment programs.


La1 22: 05h: TVEmos

A window to the news and the most amazing, curious and fun images of today. Elisa Mouliaá presents this approach to the most relaxed information in an attractive, modern and playful way.

Let's watch

Let’s watch


Antenna 3 22:40: Lost – Episode 2

Antonio puts his life at stake to reach Cruz, the price that has very valuable information about his daughter. Meanwhile, in Spain, Inma, Soledad’s mother and Antonio’s wife, discovers a clue with the reason that her husband has traveled to that country.



Four 22: 45h: The island of temptations

Fani makes a decision about Rubén that will affect his relationship with Christofer in the new installment of the program. In addition, in a new bonfire ceremony, Jose sees his confidence in Adelina diminished after seeing some compromising images of his partner.

'The island of temptations' challenges the morality of contestants and spectators

‘The island of temptations’ challenges the morality of contestants and spectators


Telecinco 22: 00h: The Good Doctor – 36 hours

While facing Andrews about the exhausting calendar of residents, Claire joins Meléndez to treat a patient for infertility. Shaun swears to stay with Glassman while recovering from brain surgery.

Freddie Highmore in the skin of the most endearing doctor on television.

Freddie Highmore in the skin of the most endearing doctor on television.


LaSexta 22: 30h: Where were you then? – 2001

Ana Pastor travels to the year 2001 to remember the event that marked the future of the new century: 11S. The space also reminds Sintel workers, who camped for months in front of the Ministry of Industry on the Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid.

Where were you then

Where were you then


TV3 22: 34h: Special Més 324 – Borrasca Gloria

Sense Ficció “Mossos, lights and shadows” will not be broadcast tonight. In its place, a special @ Month_324 has been scheduled to collect the effects caused in our country by the storm Gloria, still active.


8TV 22:00: Fire over Baghdad

On August 2, 1990, Iraqi troops invade Kuwait. In Atlanta, CNN producer Robert Wiener convinces his boss that he is the right person to cover the conflict. Robert and his team then move to Baghdad, where they will have to challenge a multitude of logistical, technical and political obstacles, in their attempt to inform. Its value and perseverance are rewarded when they manage to broadcast lively the bombings of Baghdad to the whole world

Fire over Baghdad

Fire over Baghdad

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