What to see today, November 19 on television ?: Rocío Dúrcal, Miguel Bosé and Camilo will be imitated in the new gala of ‘Your face sounds like 9’

Risto Mejide will participate in “Got Talent Spain”

Antena 3 broadcasts tonight (10:10 p.m.) the third gala of ‘Your face sounds like 9’. On this occasion, María Pelaé will get into Camilo’s skin after Eva Soriano ‘stole’ the possibility of being Camila Cabello, the artist who played him on the push button. David Fernández will have to imitate Raúl. For their part, Los Morancos will put themselves in the shoes of Antonio (Jorge will do it) and Carmen (César will do it). Loles León will play the great Rocío Dúrcal, which has generated emotion and joy in the comedic duo. While Lydia Bosch will star in a new sex change by having to imitate Miguel Bosé. Rasel has come up with an ‘original and a copy’ to imitate C. Tangana y la Húngara, but we will have to wait to see who the artist imitates and who will accompany him in the performance. Agoney will take on the shoes of Limalh, and Nia will defend her leadership in this edition in the shoes of Buika.

Risto Mejide will participate in “Got Talent Spain”

For its part, the first semifinal of ‘Got Talent Spain 7’ arrives tonight at Telecinco (10pm). On this occasion, Jesús Calleja will be a judge for a day together with Edurne, Dani Martínez and Risto Mejide and will participate in the joint Golden Pass that will lead a direct semifinalist to the Grand Final, something never seen in previous editions. In the first semifinal of ‘Got Talent Spain’, the spectators and the judges will once again see the dance group Team Spotlight perform; the singer of musicals Mireia Rebollar; the acrobat Dieguito; the little magician Gonzalo Mateos; the singular talent of Gonzo Tambourine; the girlband 6ID; the Next Level dance group; the acrobat girl Martina; the singer Jorge Pineda, Pase de Oro by Risto and Dani; Ceyda Altug and her bicycle; the singer Rosa Martín, Golden Pass by Edurne and Risto; the magician Magic Luna; the musicians Nexart Percussion; and Zeno, the fakir.

‘Investigation Team’ returns tonight (9:30 pm) to laSexta. The program presented by Gloria Serra analyzes the extremist groups that have emerged during the pandemic. Its leaders are barely 20 years old and they attract young people from the age of 15 on the courts of the neighborhoods. Under the umbrella of a federation of neighborhood associations, the new ultra-right takes to the streets to demonstrate against the LGTBI collective, says it is fighting for local commerce and collects food for Spanish families without resources. They defend the use of violence and their acts always become a trending topic. His message, through social networks, is clear and direct. A 19-year-old girl, a history student, has become the most visible face of ‘Los cachorros ultras’.

Four bets tonight (10:15 pm) for a new installment of ‘In the spotlight’. The pandemic has triggered the demand for cosmetic treatments and surgeries, giving rise to the proliferation of intruders and false professionals who offer these services at reduced prices, putting the health of their clients at risk. Today’s report offers an investigation by Marta Losada and Mireia Linares on this issue, in which doctors and victims of these malpractices participate and some of these scammers who work in this field without the title, the products are uncovered with a hidden camera. and adequate hygiene measures.

In addition, La 1 de TVE bets on a new pass of ‘Sudden Impact’ (10:10 p.m.). Callahan is a seasoned San Francisco homicide police detective, famous for his drastic methods, which lead to fierce confrontations with his superiors. He has to travel to San Paulo, a small town in northern California, where he follows the trail of the perpetrator of the death of some men, who have been found shot in the forehead and genitals. There he meets a lonely artist named Jennifer Spencer.


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