What to see today November 12 on television ?: Beatriz Luengo and Dani Martín will be imitated in ‘Your face sounds like 9’ and the jury of ‘Got Talent’ challenges the direction of the program

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The second gala of ‘Your face sounds to me 9’ arrives tonight at Antena 3 (10:10 p.m.). On this occasion, Eva Soriano will have to imitate Georgie Dann, while María Peláe will unleash madness to put herself in the shoes of Miley Cyrus. The winner of the first gala, Rasel, will imitate Dani Martín. In addition, Agoney will take on Pitingo’s shoes, David Fernández will take over the Opus group, while Loles León will reincarnate Cecilia. Nia will play Lil Nas X, and Los Morancos will imitate the music group Ricchi e Poveri. Finally, Lydia Bosch will have to imitate Beatriz Luengo, with whom she will also share the stage.

Telecinco broadcasts tonight (10pm) a new installment of the seventh edition of ‘Got Talent Spain’. After pressing the golden button ten times, this week, there are no more Golden Passes. The jury will not resign itself to not awarding any of the spectacular performances of the last audition gala and Risto and Dani will launch an unprecedented action in the history of the format in the world, challenging the management team of the program.

For its part, laSexta bets tonight (9:30 pm) for a new installment of ‘Investigation Team’. Ayahusca is the latest hallucinogenic substance in fashion in Spain. This Friday in ‘The Commune of Happiness’, the program presented by Gloria Serra interviews the largest Ayahuasca businessman in the world, Alberto Varela, an Argentine based in Madrid. It says that Ayahuasca cures addictions, depression and even eating disorders. The Ayahuasca businessman has a turnover of almost 2 million euros per year. He has more than 60 people working in his organization, however, he barely pays social security, why?

‘In the spotlight’ returns tonight (10:15 pm) to Cuatro. The program goes into China to investigate on the ground the characteristics of its political and financial power. Among other places, the large factory in the city of Yiwu that supplies Chinese businesses in much of the planet, the station from where the train departs with the longest route on the planet and goes to Madrid, and the ‘small Spain ‘located in a remote part of the country, where most of the Chinese living in Spain come from. In our country, the program will enter Cobo Calleja, the main import and distributor center in Spain of products manufactured in China, in which the National Police investigates alleged money laundering.

In addition, a new screening of ‘They made two mistakes’ (10:10 pm) occupies the prime time of La 1 de TVE. Some men unjustly accuse Jed Cooper (Clint Eastwood) of having stolen cattle and do not hesitate to hang him. At the last moment, he is saved by a commissioner working under Judge Fentom. Having clarified the facts and proven his innocence, the judge advises Cooper to forget what happened and offers him a position as a commissioner. His mission will be to capture alive those who tried to lynch him to be tried by the judge.


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