Mon. Aug 26th, 2019

What to see today Monday night on television?

Programación TV: ¿Qué ver hoy lunes noche en televisión?

Monday night on television with a new battle to take the audience of today between Telecinco and Antena 3, which face their two suchents most successful in primetime. Music will be the protagonist but in the rest of the channels you can choose national series, movies for the whole family and documentaries that will make the start of the week more bearable.

Valle Norte Hospital

The 1 (22.40 h)

José Luis García Pérez

José Luis García Pérez

After being hit by a car, a young man has to be operated on urgently in the hospital. The doctors must also enter his girlfriend, who, seeing how they take him to the operating room, suffers a collapse. The two seem to evolve and suffer worse and improvements at the same time, as if they were connected and could not live without each other. For his part, Jon faces a complicated case. One of his patients, with a serious deformation on his face, does not go to the operation he had scheduled. The operation involves risks, but Jon knows that he can change his life forever. And, as if that were not enough, Marta, Hector and Paula must face their own personal problems.

The voice

Antenna 3 (22.40 h)

'La Voz': Antonio Orozco surrenders to Lydia after singing 'Boig per tu'

'La Voz': Antonio Orozco surrenders to Lydia after singing 'Boig per tu'

Penultimate night of the blind auditions, in which Luis Fonsi, Paulina Rubio, Pablo López and Antonio Orozco continue in the struggle to get the best voices to join their teams. The nerves are on the surface because there are few gaps left and they have to be strategists to choose their latest talents. In today's gala, a young contestant of deep flamenco roots, with a mother and an aunt with a Eurovisive past, who tells his story on the stage next to Jesús Poveda, among others, is on stage.

Life with Samanta

Four (22.45 h)

Samanta Villar

Samanta Villar
(Jose Irun / MEDIASET)

Through different models of paternity, viewers know how this experience is lived in a multicultural world in which science and technology have become very important. Thus, a review of the most diverse paternity is made, from the sperm donor who has 400 children to the father who does not want to recognize one.

Got Talent Spain

Telecinco (22.30 h)

Paz Padilla emulates the grunt of a pig in 'Got Talent'

Paz Padilla emulates the grunt of a pig in 'Got Talent'

In the air. This is how Santi Millán and Paz Padilla end up during the number that Pepa, a spectacular bodybuilder, carries out. Other of the numbers shown in the program are those of a Chilean singer-songwriter with an emotional story, a couple who dedicate their song to their sick daughter of three years, a man who tastes the spiciest cocktail in the world and a prodigious girl violinist , among others.

Kick-Ass II. With a pair

The Sixth (22.30 h)

Kick Ass - Ready to crush

Kick Ass - Ready to crush

About to finish the institute and with the prospect of an uncertain future, Dave decides to create with Mindy the first team of superheroes in the world. Unfortunately, when they catch Mindy fleeing as Hit Girl, the young woman is forced to withdraw momentarily and to confront by herself the terrifying world of the bad girls of the institute.

Benvinguts to the family

TV3 (22.05 h)

Benvinguts to the family

Benvinguts to the family
(Domenec_Fernandez / TV3)

Manu has stayed with Teresa in a second-hand car shop with the promise that they will escape together. But the ex-Àngela says that everything is part of a plan to catch her. However, it is not clear who is really tricking Manu. Meanwhile, in the house, Raül tries to justify his escape attempt to Victòria.

Docs Barcelona: Síria, a història d'amor

8TV (21.50 h)

(Nabil Mounzer / EFE)

Amer saw Raghda for the first time 20 years ago in prison. They started talking through a small hole they made in the wall of their cells. They fell in love and, when they got out of prison, they formed a family. In 2009, Raghda is again imprisoned for political reasons and Amer has to take care of only her four children. The unexpected release of Raghda coincides with the outbreak of the Arab spring in Syria and the repression of political activists intensifies. Sean McAllister, director of the film, is arrested and the family leaves for Lebanon with the intention of seeking political asylum in France.

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