What to see today, August 1 on television ?: ‘My daughter’ on Antena 3 and ‘Fifty shades liberated’ on La 1

What to see today August 1 on television ?: & # 039; My daughter & # 039;  on Antena 3 and & # 039; Fifty Shades Freed & # 039;  in La 1.

What to see today August 1 on television ?: ‘My daughter’ on Antena 3 and ‘Fifty Shades Liberated’ on La 1.

The 1 program today, at 10:05 pm, as’ Movie of the week ‘the play ’50 released shadows’. In the piece directed by James Foley, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan become Christian and Anastasia again. The young couple enjoy their luxurious lives. However, just when both of them begin to be calm, new threats appear to continue being happy.

Telecinco bet tonight on the well-known movie ‘Gladiator’, at 10pm. In the play directed by Ridley Scott, Maximus is the greatest ally of the Emperor Marcus Aurelio until he is assassinated by his son Commodus. The young man also decides to assassinate Maximus because he believes that he is a threat to continue ruling Rome. The boy does not end up dead, luckily his wife and daughter do not have, but he is sold as a slave. His only way to stay alive is to become a gladiator and fight to move on and become a true hero of the empire.

Antenna 3 premieres tonight, at 22:00, a new chapter of ‘My daughter’. This week, Demir receives a phone call that leaves him very concerned. When you get home, there is absolutely no one and everything is completely untidy. He is very concerned about Öykü and will do everything possible to find out if he is okay and what has happened to him.

the sixth broadcasts tonight, at 21:25, ‘The last fortress’. Directed by Rob Lurie, this film stars Robert Redford, James Gandolfini, Clifton Collins, and Delroy Lindo. General Irwin is tried and found guilty after being a myth of the citizens for his war labors. In prison he is pointed out by Colonel Womter when he sees his charisma with the rest of his companions.

Four bet this summer to visit places with ‘Viajeros Cuatro’, tonight at 9:30 p.m. The travel program arrives in Cáceres to get to know the main monuments and cultural variants of the city. The format team will discover the locations that have been chosen by international series of the magnitude of ‘Game of Thrones’ as locations.


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