Fri. Jan 24th, 2020

What to see Thursday night on television?

¿Qué ver hoy jueves noche en televisión?

Thursday night on television where Telecinco and TVE are the main protagonists, one more night, in front of the series or the cinema for which other channels are betting. And is that today, before arriving at the weekend, both the residents of the house with more famous of the television, as well as the Alcántara family face each other. Today, new duel on their televisions.

Tell me how it happened – La 1 (22.40 h):

November 1987. In the neighborhood there is a charity match between married and unmarried in favor of Don Froilán, who has gone to a residence. But Antonio, who is the referee, is injured and they have to cast a leg. The whole family tries to encourage him and each son gets involved in a special way with his father, but Antonio is a difficult patient. Meanwhile, Carlos has already started working in the advertising agency and the rivalry with his colleagues is more than evident.

One of the most popular couples on television.

One of the most popular couples on television.

The killer – Antena 3 (22.40 h):

After his partner and friend die at the hands of Rogue, Jack Crawford swears revenge. Eager to capture the criminal, he puts his special team in the midst of a bloody war between the Chinese mafias leader, Chang, and the head of the yakuza, Shiro.

The secret soldiers of Benghazi – Four (22.45 h):

Six elite ex-military are hired by the CIA to protect the US diplomatic corps. during the terrorist attack on the embassy of Libya on September 11, 2012. When everything went wrong, six men had the courage to do the right thing.

Bronca between Suso and Miriam in 'GH VIP 6': 'are you going to hit me?'

Bronca between Suso and Miriam in 'GH VIP 6': 'are you going to hit me?'

GH VIP 6 – Telecinco (22.00 h):

Miriam Saavedra, Aramís Fuster or El Koala: one of them leaves the house today at the decision of the audience. In addition, Angel Garó's sister transmits an important message during their meeting at home. After the expulsion, the inhabitants face a new round of nominations and fight in a game of the boss with two winners, who are immune to the nomination and enjoy the extra power of the exchange.

All roads lead to Rome – La Sexta (10.30pm):

Maggie is a single mother who travels through Italy with her daughter Summer, a teenager who wants nothing more than to return to New York.

Els meus pairs Buenafuente

Els meus pairs Buenafuente

Els meus pares – TV3 (22.35 h):

Maria Mercè and Joaquim are the parents of soccer player Xavi Hernández. Both are great fans of football since they were young, and both Xavi and his three brothers have inherited the same football passion.

The game – 8TV (23.00 h):

The team wonders if Arkady will risk his life for them while Joe tries to convince the team to execute a double scheme. In addition, Alan struggles with a discovery that could endanger his marriage, and Bobby's world is penetrated.

The game - tv series

The game – tv series

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