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15.45 / TCM

The murder of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford

What to see on TV today? | Wednesday 6 March 2019

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. USA, 2007 (160 minutes). Director: Andrew Dominik. Performers: Brad Pitt, Casey Affleck, Mary-Louise Parker.

The Western can still offer masterpieces, even without Clint Eastwood involved. This risky and emotional film, which boasts a look as calm as deep, visits a turbulent West that delves into the dark side of a myth like Jesse James, who has already lost his epic aura. Now, James is a cruel and disloyal bandit, far removed from any romantic breath. But Robert Ford, his murderer, does not fare any better: a rude and vampiric subject marked by his careeristic desires and condemned to the humiliation of representing his vile murder on theatrical tables.

20.05 / AMC

The most wanted man

What to see on TV today? | Wednesday 6 March 2019

A Most Wanted Man. USA, 2014 (122 minutes). Director: Anton Corbijn. Performers: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Willem Dafoe.

With the great endorsement that supposes to start from a text of the teacher John Le Carré, this tenebrous intrigue relates a plot of espionage in which the jihadism beats like threatening backdrop. The director of the memorable The American It has a narrative pulse and portrays a port Hamburg in which characters who carry more than one inner ghost will be entangled.

22.00 / La 2

Philadelphia Stories

What to see on TV today? | Wednesday 6 March 2019

The Philadelphia Story. USA, 1940 (112 minutes). Director: George Cukor. Performers: Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, James Stewart.

Another immaculate comedy by George Cukor, sustained with simple wicks: a prim heiress who is going to remarry, an ex-husband who wants to prevent it and a meddlesome journalist. The classic is born from the personal commitment of Katharine Hepburn: owner of the rights to the play, imposed the names of the scriptwriter, the director and his two co-stars. Cukor, as if it were easy, raises the narrative transparency and sharpens his irony against the press, the new rich and social appearances.

22.30 / DMAX

The life of Fernando Torres in Japan

What to see on TV today? | Wednesday 6 March 2019

Quique Peinado conducts the new documentary series Legends, which will delve into the professional and private lives of four stars of Spanish sport. His first goal is the former Atletico de Madrid striker and the Spanish team Fernando Torres. Peinado spends a few days with the soccer player to find out what his current life is like in Japan, where he plays with Sagan Tosu, a bit far from fame.

22.45 / Antenna 3

The agitated kidnapping of the dean, in 'Matadero'

What to see on TV today? | Wednesday 6 March 2019

Alfonso throws himself into a somewhat agitated rapture in today's episode of Slaughterhouse. Your objective is the dean, who will keep locked in the trunk of your car. The kidnapped will try to release him with a risky proposal: if they release him, he will make Alfonso an official and will provide Almudena with the drugs he needs. Meanwhile, Herminio will give Maria and Jacobo an unexpected clue to solve the case of the drug.


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