What to see on TV today? | Tuesday, November 27, 2018 | TV

21.00 / Movistar Champions League

European appointment for Valencia and Madrid

What to see on TV today? | Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Double Spanish presence in this day of the Champions League. After their bulky league defeat against Eibar (3-0), Real Madrid's Solari will play tonight with Roma the first place in their group at the Olympic Stadium in the Italian capital. At that same time (Movistar Champions League 1), Valencia will face Juventus in Turin with the difficult goal of adding a victory to stay alive in the European competition.

22.00 / The 2

Long life to rock and roll'

What to see on TV today? | Tuesday, November 27, 2018

This week, Iron and chrome bits continues with the task of preserving rock among the new generations. For that reason, the program moves to a school where some noisy lessons are given that will give some clues so that "long live rock and roll" is fulfilled. At its conclusion (22.55), in The muse time, Tequila. The group of Ariel Rot and Alejo Stivel has returned to meet on a farewell tour and will go through the roof to play some songs that are already part of the collective memory as Salta Y Tell me you Love Me.

22.30 / Movistar Action

'Caught by his past'

What to see on TV today? | Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Carlito's way. United States, 1993 (138 minutes). Director: Brian de Palma. Performers: Al Pacino, Sean Penn, Penelope Ann Miller, Luis Guzman, John Leguizamo.

A prisoner leaves prison with the intention of rehabilitating himself. All his good intentions are vanishing because his fellow mafiosi do not let him depart from the underworld. Good work Al Pacino and the right direction of Brian de Palma for a violent thriller that reminds in some occasions to The price of power. A good script by David David Koepp, based on the novels Carlito's Way Y After Hours, Edwin Torres, and an outstanding soundtrack put the rest.

22.40 / Antenna 3

Cross accusations

What to see on TV today? | Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Things get even more complicated in this eleventh chapter of Alleged guilty The pressure on Susana grows as both families, the Arístegui and the Otxoa, accuse each other of Anne's death. Meanwhile, Ainhoa ​​tries to stop the incipient political career of Joseba, who could snatch the mayor's office. Will Susana's research pay off? What is the price that the ertzaina eAre you willing to pay to know the truth?

22.45 / Four

The King of the Cachopo, 'In the spotlight'

What to see on TV today? | Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Cuatro's reporting program, In the spotlight, this night broadcast the report entitled 'The King of the Cachopo'. On this occasion, he will unveil the personality and dark trajectory of César Román, known as El Rey del Cachopo and the main suspect in the brutal crime of his girlfriend, Heidi Paz. This work will exclusively show unpublished images of the arrest of Román inside the Zaragoza restaurant where he worked and tried to escape justice.

22.45 / La 1

'The flight'

What to see on TV today? | Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Flight. United States, 2012 (138 minutes). Director: Robert Zemeckis. Performers: Denzel Washington, John Goodman, Don Cheadle.

In his return to the real image after the applause Christmas story, Robert Zemeckis fixes his attention on a pilot who makes an impossible landing and saves the lives of his passengers. But an investigation reveals that he did it despite an excessive rate of alcohol and cocaine. As almost always, the work of Denzel Washington can not be buckled (his performance earned him a nomination for the Oscars and Golden Globes), although the story is predictable and moralistic, discourse on redemption included. It is not a work of art but ...


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