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What to see on TV today? | Saturday, July 13, 2019 | TV

15.35 / Neox

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: the power of Electro

What to see on TV today? | Saturday, July 13, 2019

USA, 2014 (152 minutes). Director: Marc Webb. Performers: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Paul Giamatti.

After the third installment signed by Sam Raimi, the Spider-Man franchise had been pretty drained. However, Marc Webb knew how to revive it with the new Amazing Spider-Man concept, which remakes Peter Parker in the most convincing way. In addition to some brilliant action sequences, this installment contains, advanced the footage, a crucial moment in the trajectory of the character that should not be revealed.

18.15 / TCM

Letter from an unknown

What to see on TV today? | Saturday, July 13, 2019

Letter from an Unknown Woman. USA, 1948 (86 minutes). Director: Max Ophüls. Performers: Joan Fontaine, Louis Jourdan, Mady Christians, Marcel Journet.

On rare occasions, a director manages to capture with his camera the magic of life itself. The German Max Ophüls achieved it more than once. In Letter from a stranger, the creator of Round Y Madame de … he moves to Vienna at the beginning of the century and throws himself, along with his characters, into a rapturous melodrama, into a furious romantic impulse adorned with a delicate, almost invisible staging, which hides burning and terrible embers. Ophüls's camera extracts the vital essence from the protagonists, the ruthless gallant and his young lover, both wrapped in the transience of the feelings and the fate of destiny.

21.20 / The Sixth

Ada Colau goes to 'The Sixth Night'

What to see on TV today? | Saturday, July 13, 2019

The mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, goes tonight to the set of La Sexta noche, where she will be interviewed by Iñaki López. Colau, who just closed a deal this week with the PSC to govern the Barcelona City Council, will analyze the political news. On the other hand, the program will have speakers from the main parties to discuss how Pedro Sánchez still does not have enough support to be reelected president just 10 days after the investiture debate.

21.30 / La 1

Political pacts, in 'Weekly Report'

What to see on TV today? | Saturday, July 13, 2019

The information space of La 1 opens its contents with the report Covenant time, that analyzes the negotiations between Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias to obtain a government agreement, as well as the tensions in the municipal pacts between Ciudadanos, PP and VOX. Further, The oracle of Greece examines the results of the elections in the Hellenic country, in which the conservative Mitsotakis has won.

22.00 / DMAX

Two remembered shipwrecks

What to see on TV today? | Saturday, July 13, 2019

DMAX remember in Out of control two of the most shocking shipwrecks in history, through a technical and scientific analysis that delves into crucial details for its fatal outcome. The first protagonist will be the legendary Titanic, sunk after hitting an iceberg; the second will be the Costa Concordia cruise, sunk in January 2012 after a collision with a rock on the Italian coast.

23.35 / The 1

Charlie Wilson's War

What to see on TV today? | Saturday, July 13, 2019

USA, 2007 (97 minutes). Director: Mike Nichols. Performers: Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Philip Seymour Hoffman.

A political tragicomedy that pokes fun at the intricacies of American politics, through the figure of a congressman who joins an ultra-Catholic millionaire to provide weapons to the Afghan mujahideen, in order to prevent the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The acid and sharp script of the great Aaron Sorkin, creator of The west wing of the White House, enhances the function.

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