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What to see on TV today? | Friday, July 5, 2019 | TV

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A billboard for all audiences

What to see on TV today? | Friday, July 5, 2019

This week, Film days It is immersed in a billboard with titles for all tastes: from the superhero movies of Spider-Man: away from home, to the romantic comedy Yesterday, going through the animation cinema of Elcano and Magallanes, the first round the world or the drama of The (de) education of Cameron Post, the story of a young woman forced by her family to attend a center to redirect the sexuality of young homosexuals. Spanish cinema is present with A cat, a Chinese and my father, starring Natalia de Molina, and the documentary Varda by Agnès, about her experience as a director.

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'My house is yours' receives Tamara Falcó

What to see on TV today? | Friday, July 5, 2019

Bertín Osborne opens the doors of his Sevillian farm to receive Tamara Falcó in the new delivery of My house is yours. Heir to the glamor and elegance of her mother, Tamara Falcó, daughter of Isabel Preysler and the Marquis of Griñón, will come, accompanied by her dog Jacinta, to the Sevillian residence of the singer-presenter to spend the weekend. Throughout his talk with Bertin, the socialite He will comment on the relationship with his mother and sisters and will deepen the moment in which he is currently living. Boris Izaguirre will go to the house of Bertín to remember the best moments lived with his friend Isabel Preysler.

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Eduardo Casanova 'Dinner with mom '

What to see on TV today? | Friday, July 5, 2019

Tonight, Cena con Mama closes its first season with an energetic, imaginative and talented guest: Eduardo Casanova. The actor will pay tribute to his mother Teresa, who, according to the actor, "endures a lot" and accompanies him in all the processes of his life, both creative and personal. "I recognize that, sometimes, I am not an easy person. I have very large blocks and closures in my house. She always feels that I am far away from her for this reason and it is the opposite. It is she who helps me to achieve all this, "acknowledges the actor. Among the many topics that will be discussed, they will review the cinematographic referents of the actor, his beginnings in the world of interpretation or the importance that his family has had throughout his life. Before buying the ingredients, they will visit one of Eduardo's favorite stalls in the market: a Chinese-Peruvian restaurant, where they will continue to chat about the artist's life.

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'In search of the lost ark'

What to see on TV today? | Friday, July 5, 2019

Raiders of the Lost Ark. United States 1981 (107 minutes). Director: Steven Spielberg. Performers: Harrison Ford, Karen Allen.

Spielberg, under the production of George Lucas, a script written by Lawrence Kasdan and the protagonism of Harrison Ford – who became one of the great heroes of modern cinema -, managed to revitalize the adventure genre with this fast-paced film, which was the start of the commercial Indiana Jones movie saga. Action on all four sides.

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'History of our cinema' with the LGTBIQ + movement

What to see on TV today? | Friday, July 5, 2019

In line with the celebration of the LGTBIQ Pride week, History of our cinema will broadcast two films that address the issue of homosexuality: Thanks for the tip, by Francesc Bellmunt, and The hidden pleasures, Eloy's vision of the Church. In the subsequent colloquium, which will investigate how Spanish cinema has treated and treated the topic of sexual diversity, Francesc Bellmunt, journalist Juan Caros Alfeo and Jesús Generelo, member of the program team, who was president of the LGBT State Federation, will participate. . Among the books he has published are In Gay Code, 'Even in the best families Y End of course, as well as the collection of autobiographical stories in My first time.

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'Thanks for the tip'

What to see on TV today? | Friday, July 5, 2019

Spain, 1997 (112 minutes). Director: Francesc Belmunt. Performers: Santiago Ramos, Juli Mira, Lluís Ferrer, Saturnino García, Joan Crossas, Jesús Bonilla.

After the good results obtained in the attractive intrigue A black with a sax, the Catalan director Francesc Belmunt returns to collaborate with the writer Ferran Torrent, winner of the Sant Jordi Prize for his novel of the same name, to give form to this personal and intimate tale of adolescent awakening. Santiago Ramos, who just before had obtained the Goya for the best leading actor for his work in Like a lightning bolt, He heads the choral cast of this bittersweet film full of humor and tenderness. Moral, ethical and social tolerance for a worked history set in the Valencia of the Franco dictatorship. Remarkable.

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Rentals, in 'Investigation Team'

What to see on TV today? | Friday, July 5, 2019

In the last 5 years rents have skyrocketed to 45% in Spain and experts warn that prices have not yet peaked. Research team analyzes why the rise is unstoppable, while cities like Berlin have announced this week that they will freeze rents, setting a precedent in Europe. The reporters of the program presented by Gloria Serra show the spaces of less than 30 square meters that are being rented throughout the Spanish geography for up to 1,400 euros per month. If only 3% of the rents are in the hands of the investment funds, who is behind these abusive prices?

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New delivery of 'Come and dine with me'

What to see on TV today? | Friday, July 5, 2019

After three unrepeatable dinners in the seventh edition of Come and have dinner with me. Gourmet Edition, it is the turn of the fourth and final evening, which will have José Antonio Canales Rivera as host. In this installment, the bullfighter will have to show a great temperance to deal with his guests and try to present a gastronomic proposal at the height of his demanding palates. Canales is sure that his best weapon to win the contest is to be a good host, but he has the secret help of his mother. Your menu will be composed of the incoming White Fumata: habemus papam, made with a salad base (bag) and several condiments; as a main course, a Why did I see you cry? of almadraba tuna with a sauce cooked by its mother; and as a dessert, a Run I catch you, a mousse prepared also by his mother.

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`The shape of water '

What to see on TV today? | Friday, July 5, 2019

The Shape of Water. United States, 2017 (119 m.). Director: Guillermo del Toro. Performers: Sally Hawkins, Doug Jones, Michael Shannon, Octavia Spencer.

"Water takes the form of whatever it is that contains it at that moment and, although it can be something very peaceful, it is also the most powerful and malleable force in the universe." With love, it's the same. This is how Guillermo del Toro, director of this magnificent film, explains the genesis of a fantastic fable with which he tried to turn the typical stories of monsters, giving prominence to the creature and showing humans as truly dangerous. A supernatural fairy tale with the Cold War as a backdrop that swept the last edition of the Oscars (film, director, music and production). Different.

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