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What to see on TV today? | Friday, July 12, 2019 | TV

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'Larry Crowne, it's never late '

What to see on TV today? | Friday, July 12, 2019

Larry Crowne. United States, 2011 (98 minutes). Director: Tom Hanks. Performers: Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Pam Grier, Bryan Cranston.

In his second work as director, Tom Hanks opts for excessive optimism to show the story of a man who after spending his whole life dedicated to his job sees how he ends up entering the ranks of the dreaded strike. But there's no problem, with the help of Julia Roberts getting out of the well is always possible. As entertaining as it is inconsequential.

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The best of the cinematographic billboard

What to see on TV today? | Friday, July 12, 2019

True to your weekly appointment, Film days reviews a billboard starring two Spanish premieres, the black comedy The tale of the weasels, by Juan José Campanella; Y The never seen, a comedy of social customs with Marina Seresesky. In addition, three documentaries, and the 50th anniversary of the mythical Easy rider, a generational film directed by Dennis Hopper and co-starring with Peter Fonda, who invited us to explore the American dream. The recommendations of '@DiasDeCine', the favorite sequence of the Argentinean actor Eduardo Blanco, the weekly talk between Elena S. Sánchez and Gerardo Sánchez, program director, the programming of the film libraries, Cineteca, exhibitions, music, books, and news to watch movies at home, they complete this week's program.

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The night of Jesús Gil

What to see on TV today? | Friday, July 12, 2019

Jesús Gil) stood out for his role as president of Atlético de Madrid between 1987 and 2003. But, above all, for his management of Marbella, considered the Mecca of the jet set Spanish, whose Town Hall arrived in 1991 and which garnered three absolute majorities from the Independent Liberal Group (GIL). La Sexta returns to bet on the present and recovers the pioneering reports of laSexta column Y Research team about the ex-mayor of Marbella and former president of Atlético de Madrid fifteen years after his death. Tonight will start with laSexta Cclumna, which analyzes how the corrupt fabric in Marbella was born during the 'gilismo' and how it was derived in the 'Malaya Case'. At its completion (22.30), Research team returns Gil's inheritance topical. To date, the family has not returned to Marbella the 108 million euros that the most powerful politician of the Costa del Sol diverted from the public coffers.

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'My house is yours' dismisses season

What to see on TV today? | Friday, July 12, 2019

Until Houston has traveled Bertin Osborne to interview Shaila, the daughter of the great legend of the song and queen of the rancheras, Rocío Dúrcal, at the end of the season of My house is yours. In this last recording recorded in the United States, the Madrilenian singer will explain how her life is in the American city, where she lives with her husband Dorio and Aitana, his daughter, and will remember the best moments lived with her mother, who is still missing a lot. "I feel that since I lost my mother, tears fall like a river", he says. In addition to showing Shaila in the privacy of her home, the program will remember the best years of Rocío Dúrcal and will include the special participation of Antonio and Carmen Morales, brothers of the artist.

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What to see on TV today? | Friday, July 12, 2019

Widows United Kingdom, 2018 (128 minutes). Dir .: Steve McQueen. Int .: Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Colin Farrell.

Five years after performing the interesting Twelve years of slavery, Steve McQueen is again behind the camera to direct this film, based on the popular British television series of 1983 The widows but it changes its original location, transferring the action of London from the early 1980s to contemporary Chicago. At the head of its powerful cast, Viola Davis (BAFTA nominee for best leading actress) giving another film lesson in this story about four women of different estatesracial, social and economic that join forces to achieve a common goal.

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Appointment with the intrigue in 'The Murders'

What to see on TV today? | Friday, July 12, 2019

Arrives at Calle 13 The Murders detective series starring the young homicide detective Kate Jameson, played by Jessica Lucas (Gotham), to whom lack of experience plays some tricks on him. After making a terrible mistake with fateful consequences, Kate turns not only to be at the height of his father, a decorated detective who died in service, but to rectify the ruling that has cost him so much. Kate will have to deal with guilt and face tough professional and personal situations by working on very complex cases that will test her values ​​and loyalty. The series is set in Vancouver, a contemporary and highly technological city, in which each case is explored through the five senses, revealing how they help both criminals and authorities in the digital age.

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'Indiana Jones and the cursed temple'

What to see on TV today? | Friday, July 12, 2019

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. United States, 1984 (109 minutes). Director: Steven Spielberg. Performers: Harrison Ford, Kate Capshaw, Ke Huy Quan, Amrish Puri.

The most famous archaeologist in the history of cinema again shakes his whip in this performance of the trio formed by George Lucas (producer), Steven Spielberg (director) and Harrison Ford (actor). On this occasion, Indy is involved in an adventure through Shanghai and India with the aim of rescuing a group of kidnapped children. Strong emotions in a film that was awarded an Oscar for the best visual effects.

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Humor with the stamp of José Mota

What to see on TV today? | Friday, July 12, 2019

The public chain premieres Not today, tomorrow, his new commitment to the holiday mood, directed by José Mota and presented by Santiago Segura. The space, which will feature well-known comedians, monologuists and imitators (Raúl Pérez, Paco Collado, Maribel Salas and Mago More, among others), is committed to humor based on current events and everyday situations, a crazy and particular vision of today's world . Each from his particular vision of comedy, together under the direction of José Mota and Javier Vicuña, make up the largest gathering of humor professionals under the same format to dissect today's society as only humor can.

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The magic of live, Mad Cool Festival

What to see on TV today? | Friday, July 12, 2019

The music returns to be cited on TVE with one of the great cultural events of the year, Mad Cool Festival 2019. This night the headliners will be The Smashing Pumpkins, the alternative rock band formed in Chicago in 1988 and led by vocalist Billy Corgan . On Saturday (23.15), The Cure arrives, a musical history of more than 40 years led by Robert Smith. And on Sunday (0.30), the band's turn indie rock New York Vampire Weekend, a group that since its debut has become one of the most important formations of alternative music. The concerts will be preceded by a special program, presented by Paula Sáinz-Pardo from a set located in the area reserved for Festival artists, with interviews and guests.

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