What to see on TV today? | Friday, February 1, 2019 | TV

16.05 / TCM

Fort Apache

What to see on TV today? | Friday, February 1, 2019

USA, 1948 (125 minutes). Director: John Ford. Performers: Henry Fonda, John Wayne, Shirley Temple, Ward Bond.

John Ford never recognized him, but after the protagonist of Fort Apache a veiled portrait of General Custer is hidden, often glorified on the screen and here portrayed as a ruthless soldier obsessed with the extermination of the Indians. Ford draws it with an accurate look and takes advantage of the magnetism of Henry Fonda, besides turning the image of the actor, only two years after extolling it in the also memorable Passion of the strong. In the implacable images of Fort Apache, passionate, firm and overwhelming beauty, the teacher offers a poignant critique of a way of understanding the functioning of the Army, at other times exalted by the filmmaker himself.

20.30 / La 2

'Days of cinema', with all the premieres

What to see on TV today? | Friday, February 1, 2019

The French musician Michel Legrand and the Serbian filmmaker Dusan Makavejev will be honored this week for the space Film days. In addition, it will review all the premieres of the billboard, among which films like the Polish one stand out Mug, awarded at the last Berlin Festival, the Spanish comedy Under the same roof and the Canadian Summer of '84, who turns his eyes to the popular cinema of the eighties.

22.00 / DMAX

American Outlaws

What to see on TV today? | Friday, February 1, 2019

United States, 2001 (90 minutes). Director: Les Mayfield. Performers: Colin Farrell, Scott Caan, Ali Larter, Gabriel Macht, Gregory Smith.

A different look to the figure of Jesse James, now in front of some ranchers who fight against the railroad that will invade their lands. The script moves between clichés, but in its images lives a certain adventurous aroma and the powerful cast strengthens the function.

22.10 / Antenna 3

The direct ones arrive to 'Your face sounds to me'

What to see on TV today? | Friday, February 1, 2019

The semifinals of Your face is familiar to me begin with the delivery tonight, which also gives way to live performances in the program. Mimi and Soraya, who remain at the top of the scores, will play Nicole Kidman and Whitney Houston, respectively. Carlos Baute, who occupies the third position, will imitate Fred Astaire and, among other performances, Anabel Alonso will become Conchita Bautista and Jordi Coll, to Blur.

22.15 / The 2

Mondays in the sun

What to see on TV today? | Friday, February 1, 2019

Spain, 2001 (117 minutes). Director: Fernando León de Aranoa. Performers: Javier Bardem, Luis Tosar, José Ángel Egido, Snow of Medina.

A committed and accurate film model, illuminated by meticulous dialogues steeped in truth, with which Fernando León portrays characters damaged by lack of work or by their precariousness, but united by unbreakable ties in which solidarity is the law . The director's complicit gaze permeates each of the plans of Mondays in the sun of an unprecedented emotionality, which he uses to shed a hardened song of commitment, dignity and the ability to stand firm. An exceptional, impeccable cast round out the masterpiece.


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