What to see on television today ?: ‘I’m alive’ returns to La 1 to face the Turkish novels of Antena 3 and Telecinco

Javier Gutiérrez in & # 039; I'm alive & # 039 ;.

Javier Gutiérrez in ‘I’m alive’.

A large part of the general channels are betting on fiction in prime time this Wednesday. At 22:05 hours, the fourth season of ‘I’m Alive’ lands in The 1. In the first chapter, a strange global blackout causes the connection to the Catwalk to inexplicably disappear when the Link finds himself playing a game on Earth with The Avengers. At the same time, Márquez and Santos are faced with one of the most enigmatic disappearance cases in recent years. Meanwhile, separated from Susana and her daughter, the Link fears that something terrible has happened. Everyone will turn to the Link in the most important mission of his life: to get his family back.

At 10:45 p.m. ‘Woman’ returns with a new episode a Antenna 3. In this installment, Nezir’s plan could have come to an end … Can Bahar and his children escape from his clutches and regain the life they long for? Meanwhile, Kismet will not rest until his brother Arif can get out of jail, find the real culprits and set a new target to extract information: Sarp Cesmeli.

For its part, Iker Jiménez enter This opaque and lucrative business hides in the contents of adult websites and interests. The program will seek answers to the respective questions on the subject together with Colonel Pedro Baños, an expert in Geopolitics and Strategy; Antonio Miguel Carmona, politician, analyst and professor of Economics; the lawyer Guillermo Rocafort; Inspector Serafín Giraldo, spokesman for the Federal Police Union (UFP); and youtuber Sergio Candanedo, known in networks as Un Tío Blanco Hetero

‘Love is in the air’ will also occupy this Wednesday the night time slot of Telecinco (22:00 hours). After having carried out the renovation in the domicile of the new clients of the company, this time, an accident occurs: the roof of part of the second floor collapses. After the incident, saving the company becomes Serkan’s top priority.

What’s more, laSexta will broadcast a new screening of the movie ‘Carta Blanca’ (10:30 pm). Two friends regret that marriage has ruined any chance for fun, especially when it comes to sex it means; their wives then decide to grant them a weekend off, a parenthesis of freedom, in which they can get out of hand as much as they want, without remorse or explanation.


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