Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

What to see on Monday today on television?

Tonight Monday, March 23 TV programming will allow us to enjoy a wide variety of movies, as well as talk shows and informational programs.

programming tv to see today night discover

programming tv to see today night discover

Talent Show

The 1 22:45 Masters of sewing

Diego Villalba, creative director of Alfredo Villalba Atelier, and the influencer
Alexandra Pereira, better known as Lovely Pepa, they discover to the apprentices the true meaning of the word luxury. All Monday contestants will become seamstresses of the Court of Castilla.

Talk show

Antena 3 21:55 El Hormiguero

The program led by Pablo Motorcycles it has been forced to generate some changes in order to continue being emitted during the coronavirus crisis. Today’s guests are the famous president of Cantabria, Miguel Ángel Revilla, and the singer Alejandro Sanz, through a telematic connection.


Documentary film

Four 10:45 PM A doctor at my house

The Doctor Julio Armas he enters the homes of his patients to find out what they eat, how they sleep and what the routines that they do every day to be able treat them in the best way.


Telecinco 22:40 Games without borders

The program, led by Lara Álvarez Y Joaquín Prat, welcomes six teams from six European countries: France, Greece, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain. All the teams will face different challenges to accumulate the highest score and win victory.


The Sixth 22:30 The man with a thousand faces

The protagonist of this action movie, Francisco Paesa, is a former secret agent of the Spanish government, responsible for the most important operation against ETA in history. The protagonist will be involved in a case of extortion in the midst of the crisis of GAL and you have to flee the country.



TV3 22:35 Crims

New chapter of this research series that takes place this time in Sabadell. The morning of December 1 to 2, 2001, in Sabadell, the librarian’s naked and burned body appears Helena Jubany, 27, in an interior courtyard.

Crims TV3

Crims TV3


8TV 22:00 Everyone wins

This dramatic film is about a mysterious woman who hires a private detective to prove the innocence of a young man incarcerated for murder.


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