March 2, 2021

What to eat and what not to warm up and fight the cold

Given the polar cold that has been sweeping us in recent weeks, surely many of us will be sheltered at home, near the stove or radiator, but still having a bit of cold. And is that it is not easy to maintain body temperature when the house tends to get cold on all sides … And not to mention if we have to go outside.

In this days our body is working more than necessary in maintaining its normal temperature, and as a result of this work there is an extra expenditure in calories. Therefore, if we are poorly fed, body regulation will be more inefficient, especially if we have little fat; It is already known that the thin ones and the thin ones go colder, since the fat acts as an insulator.

Types of foods with benefits

Consequently, it is important observe a good diet that allows our cardiovascular system to exercise its temperature regulator function well. In this sense, Medical Institute Against Obesity (IMEO) sets various types of food:

  • on the one hand anti-inflammatories, which will allow the blood to circulate well and without barriers to the last point of our body, carrying heat.
  • For another the calories (healthy), which will offer enough energy to burn and convert into heat to keep us properly acclimated.
  • And we must also consume (healthy) substances that speed up our metabolism, since as a result additional heat will be generated that will benefit us.
  • Finally, water intake is very important for keep well hydrated, since water is a bad heat transmitter and therefore a well hydrated tissue loses less than a drier and therefore poorly hydrated tissue.

All foods that partially or totally fulfill these four functions – hydrate, give energy and heat, accelerate metabolism, reduce inflammation – will be indicated.

Foods advised against

Now, it is also convenient to refer to those foods or customs that are not recommended in the current circumstances:

  • on the one hand Alcohol consumption It is not recommended because on the one hand it is a diuretic and on the other it is a vasodilator, which will take the heat to the face, nose and ears, points from where it will be lost more easily.
  • neither fatty foods they are recommended as they require additional digestion effort and can help to concentrate blood in the stomach area for too long, causing the extremities to cool.
  • and the same happens with cold foods, especially salads, low digestibilityespecially at night.
  • finally, we must refrain from The spicy food, since capsaicin, the main molecule, causes an increase in perspiration and therefore cools us through sweat.
  • keep in mind that also the abuse of beneficial substances can make them act in the opposite way, precisely by worsening digestion and leading to dehydration. Therefore any food should be eaten in moderation.

Also, all kinds of hot drinks They are interesting by providing an extra heat that will help our thermoregulatory system. Now, if they are excessively hot, we can achieve the opposite effect: that the body reacts by stopping the heat input to compensate for said excess. So hot but not much.

Six Good Foods to Warm You Up

  • Coffee and tea infusions: they fulfill three of the main functions, by heating, hydrating and at the same time accelerating the metabolism. Fully recommended in the morning, not so much at night, as they are exciting.
  • Chocolate: its theobromine is another natural stimulant that accelerates metabolism and makes us feel comfortable, in addition to have the effect of making us happier. A good hot chocolate is the ideal alternative to coffee and tea in the evenings.
  • Vegetables: especially in stews, along with other vegetables and carbohydrates. They warm us, hydrate us and offer us energy. However, it is advisable not to abuse because having abundant vegetable fiber can be indigestible.
  • fruit: the Ministry of Health has issued a recommendation in which he recommends the consumption of fruit as a means of hydration and at the same time take advantage of its anti-inflammatory virtues.
  • Broths and broths warm with garlic, onion or ginger: actually light broths of all kinds are useful, not so heavy and fatty soups. But these three plant foods have important anti-inflammatory virtues, and in the case of ginger, it accelerates the metabolism.
  • Nuts: they stand out for providing healthy fats with a high caloric value, such as omega 3 fatty acids, which are also anti-inflammatory. With a handful there is enough, it is not advisable to abuse.

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