What to do if the cashier does not give you the money

It is rare that it happens, but sometimes, after having carried out a transaction, you do not receive the cash. Follow the steps here to claim what is yours

Odra Rodriguez Santana

We enter the card, the desired amount, our secret code and
the ATM does not give you the money even if you have liquidity. Has it ever happened to you? What could have happened? How to solve it?

reasons for which we have not received the requested cash can be diverse. Here we tell you what to do in those cases to claim what is yours.

The causes can be many

A bug, an error... or a scam

  • Or that the cashier has been
    fraudulently manipulated. The dispenser is blocked with some device that prevents the money from leaving and when the consumer leaves thinking that it is a technical error, it is withdrawn, which is known as cash trapping.

What to do if the cashier does not give money?

First of all, check that the cash exit slot of the ATM is not blocked and if the incident occurs during office hours, report the problem. But these cases can also occur:

  • If the
    branch is closed or it is an ATM not located in a bank branch, do not leave without your money. Call the telephone number for incident assistance that should appear at the cashier and request that they give you an incident number for your claim.

  • take photosif possible, and write down the details of the cashier, as well as the time the operation was carried out.

What if the ATM has swallowed the card?

So after completing an operation, the ATM does not return the card. It's probably a
technical problem, expired or blocked because you have made a mistake several times when entering the PIN, and for security reasons the ATM retains the card.

In this case
it is convenient to block the affected cardby calling the phone number authorized for this purpose by the card issuer.

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