What to do if my Renfe ticket is for a trip canceled due to the strike?



The strike called by the Spanish Union of Machinists (Semaf) has already started. More than a hundred trains that had to comply with the minimum services set by the National High Court today, Thursday, September 30, have not been able to circulate due to the unjustified absences of railway conductors.

The strike will last for days October 1, 4, 5, 7, 11 and 12 and, for the moment, Renfe It has already been forced to cancel 267 of the 970 AVE and Long Distance trains scheduled during the first four days. In Medium Distance trains an average of 65% of the usual services have been established. Thus, out of 1,786 trains scheduled for those days, 625 circulations will be canceled.

And what will happen to those travelers affected by the stoppage?

Renfe has launched a statement to inform travelers of the rights they have in almost that their train is one of the almost 900 convoys affected by the strike. Thus, the first thing they should know is whether their train will be one of those affected.

The railway operator has assured that it plans to send more than 265,000 personalized announcements via email and SMS to affected customers. Those people who purchase a ticket that may be affected by the strike will be informed at the time of purchase.

Those who do not receive any notification will be able to enter the web page of purchase of Renfe and simulate acquiring a ticket for the same train on which they planned to travel. This way they will be able to verify if that train will circulate or not.

If the train you were going to travel on is canceled, Renfe agrees to offer another train in the most approximate schedule to the ticket purchased. The customer can also decide not to make the trip and cancel it or change the ticket for another date at no additional cost.

Will the ticket money for a canceled train be refunded?

In the beginning, no. Money back is not guaranteed or compensation for a train is canceled or delayed because of a strike.

However, it is recommended to keep the copy of the invoice or the tickets so that you can file a claim if necessary and receive the compensation correspondent.

The cases in which Renfe is obliged to indemnify to its passengers according to the railway regulations are the following:

– In case of trip cancellation, the traveler will be entitled to a refund of the price paid for the service if the cancellation occurs in the 48 hours prior to the one set for the start of the trip, or to be offered alternative transportation in conditions equivalent to those agreed. The customer is the one who decides.

– When the traveler was informed of the cancellation of the trip in the four hours before To the one set for its start, you will be entitled to compensation from the railway company consisting of twice the amount of the transport ticket.

– In case of interruption of the trip, the transport company is obliged to provide the traveler, as soon as possible, transport by another train or other mode of transport, under conditions equivalent to those agreed. In addition, in the event that the interruption time is longer than one hour, the railway company is obliged to defray living expensesand lodging of the traveler for the duration of the interruption.

– If there is a delay in arrival at the destination for a time greater than one hour, the traveler will be entitled to a compensation equal to 50% of the ticket price. When the delay is greater than an hour and a half, the amount will be returned total.

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