what to do if it has expired

Driving licenses have a validity date. Depending on the permit or age, the duration of the permits has a different validity. But once it’s over, it’s time to renew them.

First, you cannot legally drive with your expired permit. It is important to renew it before it expires, since circulating with the expired card is typified as a serious infraction in the Traffic Law with a fine of 200 euros, although without loss of points. The application to renew the permit can be submitted three months before the date of the loss of validity, not having to re-perform any exam beyond passing a medical examination, provided that you have not lost all your points before.

To renew the permit, you must go in person to any associated Driver Recognition Center or submit all documentation at any Headquarters or Traffic Office. If it is renewed at the Driver Recognition Center, the original and valid document must be delivered to prove your identity, that is, ID or Passport. If you are a community foreigner, residence permit or identity document of your country, or Passport together with the Certificate of registration in the Central Registry of Foreigners. Or if you are a non-community foreigner, the residence permit. And in all cases, a psychophysical fitness report. In the center you can get the report and pay the fee, and there they take the picture and you can sign the application.

In the event that you renew the permit at any Headquarters and Traffic Office, the aforementioned must be submitted, an official application form for extension of validity, the corresponding fee number of having paid the same and a DNI size photograph (32×26 mm). In the official form you can expressly authorize the DGT to verify your registered address and the IAE or correct it by providing the documentation.

On the other hand, If you are a Spanish permit holder and you have your habitual residence in another EU Member State, the renewal of your permit must be done in the State in which you are residing. It also happens if, being Spanish, you are in another EU Member State temporarily residing as a student, for a minimum period of six months. In these cases, you should ask the national administration of the country where you are. On the other hand, if you have a foreign driver’s license and you need to renew it, the procedure you must carry out is the renewal of community driving licenses and the European Economic Area (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein). In this case, you must submit the psychophysical aptitude report, the corresponding rate number and the photograph. In the consulted person, you must complete and sign the heel-photo that will be filled with the photo you take.

The procedure has a cost of 24.10 euros, with which you are renewed ten years. If for medical reasons the extension is for a shorter period, the prices of the fees are 19.30 euros up to four years; € 14.50 for up to three years; 9.70 euros up to two years, and 4.90 euros up to one year. Payment can be made online or in person at any Headquarters or Traffic Office or at any financial institution attached to the payment of fees. The procedure is free for people over 70 years.

At the time of the renewal process, you will be given a provisional permit (with which you can only drive within the borders of Spain) and within a period of about 45 days, you will receive the final permit at home. If this time does not come to you, you should go to the medical examination center where you did the renovation so that you can report the incident to the DGT. The renewal will be denied in case of deprivation by judicial resolution of the right to drive motor vehicles and mopeds or the intervention, precautionary measure or suspension of the permit or license, whether they have been agreed in judicial or administrative proceedings.


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