What to do at home in panic week?

As the world collapses, the bags collapse and the virus gets into our minds rather than our body, something has to be entertained. The leisure options, after the drastic measures adopted by the authorities, we are not going to deceive ourselves, they are scarce. And even less the further from the sofa, of course. But it should be remembered that sport is suspended and television programs are broadcast without an audience, so the time has come to take advantage of the audiovisual catalog, if the reading of “In search of lost time” is ruled out. Luckily, in the face of the plethora of video on demand services, there are interesting options for quarantining. So you know: if looking at infinity is not an option, here are some.

Series binge

In the early days of the pandemic, when the thing looked like a heavy joke but the markets were punishing the airlines, a listed company was the only one green. Guess what? Netflix was rising pushed by the slogans of isolation and home entertainment. Then, the actions of television in “streaming” were turned around due to the consequences of the pandemic in filming and consumption. But it is true that the various video on demand services will be the best options to overcome confinement. Let’s go with some interesting content.

Today on Netflix is ​​one of the company’s biggest bets, the third season of the Spanish self-produced series “Elite”. You know: sexy young men finishing high school with hormones triggered. Also comes “On My Block,” another youth fiction in a less sicaliptic tone about four teenagers living in a slum in Los Angeles. The “Murders of Valhala” is also released, a police production endorsed by the Nordic label. And among the lesser-known platform classics is “The Kominski Method,” a series filled with dark humor that explores Michael Douglas’ comic vision with two main virtues: short chapters and caustic dialogues. But if they thank the Spanish for a laugh, Quim Gutiérrez is coming out in “The Neighbor”, a Spanish superhero with tenderness and silly in equal parts.

Media empires

Another of the season’s biggest bets has just arrived at HBO: the new installment of “Vikings”, the sixth and last in a production that started on the History Channel and has become a classic. The first seasons, of a more pedagogical nature, narrated fictional elements of Viking cultures until the action ate away at pedagogy. The plot was accelerated with brutal turns without losing sight of the spread of the Viking ethnic groups: from the British to the Norse and even the Russians. Next Monday opens the third season of “Westworld”, a dystopian science fiction series with artificial intelligence in the background. It is also highly recommended to catch up on «Succesion», which will present its third season in summer and which is one of the best productions in recent years. The plot features the family of America’s most ambitious media mogul facing off for power and reaching the limits of highly acidic Shakespearean tragedy. For those looking for a fiction with background media, there are two other options: the classic “The Newsroom” (HBO) and “The Loudest Voice” (Movistar +), which focuses on the rise and fall of Roger Ailes (the Tycoon who promoted FOX News, the conservative rival of CNN) and who ended up involved in accusations of sexual abuse. The protagonist is a splendid and unrecognizable (20 or 30 kilos more?) Russell Crowe. And, for political intrigues with another great actor, but in the Spanish way, Amazon Prime premieres this Sunday “Vote Juan”, a satire in which a bland minister of agriculture prepares his assault on the presidency played by Javier Cámara.

Also in a Spanish version, three Movistar + alternatives: «El embarcadero» begins as a «thriller» with adultery as a background, although the second season ends in a juxtaposition of eroticisms. «Hierro», with Candela Peña, does not leave the police parameters and «Perfect life», which stars Leticia Dolera, faces motherhood without sweeteners. To laugh at parenthood, also on the platform, the essential “Look what you’ve done” by Berto Romero.

Incidentally, for laggards, this health emergency situation can be magnificent to resume some of the best fictions of 2019, a historic year for the quality and quantity of the audiovisual that was produced and among which are the usual six seasons from “Game of Thrones” and “Chernobyl” (both on HBO), “Stranger Things” and “The Paper House” (on Netflix) and the excellent “Years And Years” (HBO), which is a dystopia … but close. Sort of like watching 2030 and preferring to stay on the coronavirus.

Sagas and classics

No less than the best remastered Hitchcock arrives on the Spanish and independent platform Filmin. The company has acquired up to 28 films by the British director that include his masterpieces and that can be enjoyed again with better sound and image quality. Is there a better way than to pass the coronavirus “thriller” moving forward in silence than with the genre master? Those of Filmin have even created a “Quarantine Channel” with films in which its protagonists “were also trapped”, such as “The Rope”, “A Wild God” or “The Infinite Trench”. In addition, they have created a channel, “Virals”, with fictions about viruses such as “Twelve monkeys”, “The invasion of the ultrabodies” and the fantastic British series “Utopia”.

It may also be a good time to resume “The Irishman.” The three hours of the latest Scorsese movie was too long a drink for a routine Saturday but perhaps this weekend is a good time. “Parasites”, the fashionable film after sweeping the Oscars, is available for rent on Movistar +, Filmin and Google Play. “Pain and glory”, “Story of a marriage” or “The two popes” are still on the catalog on Netflix and Movistar +. While waiting for the latter to officially present Disney + in its programming, the channel of the giant of superheroes and animation can be seen online, which includes the expected “The Mandalorian”, set in the universe “Star Wars”.

This is, of course, the moment of the sagas. “Star Trek”, “Star Wars”, “Indiana Jones”, “The Lord of the Rings”, “Harry Potter” … are on the various platforms and have a virtue: that of eliminating functions other than gobble up popcorn. We do not leave without recommending something very healthy: read, if you want “The plague” by Albert Camus or “I am Legend” by Richard Matheson. Read Phillip Roth, who talks about an epidemic in “Nemesis”, or Don Delillo, who also talks about it in “Background noise.” Or read, why not, “In search of lost time.”

With video games, the pandemic is less

We recommend two titles so as not to stop playing: “Luigi’s Mansion 3” is a fun game that starts when, together with Mario, Peach and Toad, they arrive at a hotel to rest but fall into King Boo’s trap and are kidnapped by their spooky minions. Luigi must gather courage and go around the building in search of his friends (Nintendo Switch). Also with online mode. Tom Clancy’s novels are inspired by “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint,” available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, set on the fictional island of Auroa, in the Pacific. The player puts himself in the shoes (military boots in this case) of Nomad, a special forces agent who arrives on the island. A huge open world in which the varied natural landscapes stand out: beaches, jungles, snowy mountains and small cities. We can play alone and cooperatively with up to four players.

Cinema exhibitors will apply the restrictions according to the established protocols, but, in principle, they will keep the theaters open although operating at a third of their capacity, except for the Callao and Capitol Cinemas, which have announced their preventive closings as they have a higher capacity. at 1,000 locations. In the absence of more specific instructions from the Ministry of Health, each room will choose how to reduce the capacity by leaving a free row or alternate seats with the intention of maintaining its activity, something that may change depending on the circumstances, as reported by the Spanish Cinema Federation. The party and concert halls have also announced their closings until further notice.

Yesterday afternoon the announcements of cancellation of functions by the Madrid theaters were happening. At the closing of the publicly owned theaters announced in the previous days (from the Naves del Español, Matadero, the Cineteca, the Circo Price, the Canal Theaters and the El Escorial Auditorium, among others), the private management rooms were added such as those belonging to the Smedia group (Alcázar, Fígaro, EDP Gran Vía) and Pavón Kamikaze. Also the Fine Arts and the Latin America announced yesterday afternoon that they suspend their activity until March 27. For now, going to the theater or to a concert in Madrid will be an impossible mission, reports Raúl Losánez.

Although some cooks have chosen to shut down, others prefer to wait for government orders to obey them and know how to proceed to support their teams. Among them, Diego Guerrero and Javier Aparicio, both have reinforced prevention measures in their premises and followed rigorous hygiene recommendations. So today and tomorrow it is possible to go to Dspeakeasy, the “casualized” haute cuisine bistro with the identity of the two Michelin stars, and to Salino, where Aparicio proposes a recognizable Mediterranean cuisine. However, the situation could change at the moment when the health authorities advise it.


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