July 25, 2021

"What the prosecutor asks is to condemn Nadia," laments the father at the trial | Society

"What the prosecutor asks is to condemn Nadia," laments the father at the trial | Society

Fernando Blanco has finished the trial as his alleged fraud began: using his daughter Nadia Nerea in his favor. In the last session of the hearing, Blanco affirmed that the prosecution's six-year prison request involves "condemning Nadia." After hearing how the prosecutor called him "trickster" and compared him with a first-class interpreter, Blanco has used his right to the last word between sobs: "They are not crocodile tears, I try to stand firm, I've never done anything like an actor or a movie "

Blanco's wife, Margarita Garau – who faces the same six-year jail request – has insisted that she "took care" of Nadia "like a good mother." The strategy of the couple has been to try to exempt Garau from any responsibility in the donations to the association Nadia Nerea. "My wife has always done what I have told her, she has never asked me for any paper," Blanco said. During the trial, however, numerous witnesses who helped the couple raise funds have insisted that the woman played a role as relevant as the man in the scam. He has also considered this in his fiscal report of the case.

The Hearing of Lleida has received this Friday the last session of the Nadia case. After describing Blanco as "great fraudster and trickster", the prosecutor has argued that there are too many elements to condemn the parents for cheating 1.1 million euros at the expense of the girl. The parents exaggerated the minor's ailment – a rare disease called ticotiodystrophy – to obtain funds with which, allegedly, they subjected her to expensive treatments abroad.

The tests carried out at the hearing, however, have shown that these trips did not exist. Blanco's attorney, David Peña, has admitted that he has not been able to prove the veracity of the trips that, according to the defendant, he made with the girl to clinics in Houston.

"We are not here before a vulgar scam, but before an elaborate one", the prosecutor insisted, who has put the accent on "the damage done" to the people who lent their help to Nadia. The prosecutor also highlighted the collateral damage that such a scandal can have for other causes of solidarity and other associations "that really do raise funds to help." Nadia's parents used the girl, now 14 years old, as her "goose that lays the golden egg" to lead a "well-off" life.


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