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What strikes affect you if you travel

La Semana Santa se llena de huelgas: ¿cuáles te afectan si viajas?

The Easter, travel period for millions of Spaniards, will have a calendar of strikes in airports, airlines Y trains (Renfe, Adif, Bird) that can hinder the mobility of those seeking rest.

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The expected number of trips is enormous. The DGT expects 3.9 million trips this weekend highway, that will go to more starting next Wednesday; Renfe has scheduled three million places to travel between April 12 and 22 and has increased the capacity available in the network of Bird; Y Aena expects more than 10.4 million passengers in the airports of your network between 12 and 22.

The strikes, however, can harm those who move these days both on land and by air.

From April 12

Strike of the security personnel of Barajas

The workers of security of the airport of Madrid Barajas have started this Friday indefinite strike coinciding with the beginning of the Easter holidays.

They protest the lack of agreement with the concessionaire Ilunion Seguridad with respect to the radioscopy bonuses -of the ray machines-, variable complements and the parking bonus. Likewise, improvements are requested in the working days, breaks, types of contract, conciliation and recognition of seniority.

On the first day of strikes, this Friday, queues of one hour were produced at the entrances to the boarding gates.

This strike is similar to the protests that took place in the workers of airport security personnel Barcelona El Prat in 2017 and that ended in an arbitration.

From 15 to 17 and from 22 to 24 April

Strike of the pilots of Air Nostrum

Air Nostrum has had to cancel 148 flights for the first days of strike his pilots, convened by the Sepla union between 15 and on April 17. The protest will repeat 22, the 23 and the 24 of this month. 76.4% of operations are maintained, based on the minimum services decreed by the Government and can be consulted in the Ministry of Public Works.

The stoppages are to denounce the diversion of production that, he says, is being carried out towards other airlines of the same owners.

Air Nostrum plane at Barcelona airport

Air Nostrum plane at Barcelona airport
(Marc Arias)

The complete list of canceled flights You can check this link. Canceled flights arrive until April 17, when the first round of strikes ends.

The company has reported that customers affected by these cancellations may opt for the reimbursement of tickets or relocation on flights or alternative dates to fly until May 10, depending on availability.

April 17th

Strike in Adif, Adif High Speed ​​and Ports of the State

CC.OO. has convened for April 17 a strike 24 hours in Adif, Adif High Speed, Ports of the State Y Maritime Rescue for the blockage of collective agreements.

The pre-agreements of the collective agreement signed in March 2018 (Maritime Rescue), October 2018 (Ports of the State) and December 2018 (Adif and Adif Alta Velocidad) between the company and unions are now paralyzed. "The only responsible for it are those who have cheated the workers by signing a commitment that they do not now apply," they say from the union.

Image of a level crossing on some railroad tracks

Image of a level crossing on some railroad tracks
(Llibert Teixidó)

Its ratification and conversion into a collective agreement for its application depends on the approval of the Administration, something that until now has not occurred due to its paralysis in the Treasury.

Holy Week will also coincide with the partial strikes that security guards in Madrid have called in Renfe Operadora between 18 and 28.

April 21 and 24

Strike of airport handling service

USO and UGT have convened a strike in the sector of handling across the country for Sunday April, the 21st and the Wednesday 24. It is protested by the lack of agreement in the collective agreement, which has been negotiated for two and a half years, mainly due to the clash in the subrogation of personnel.

According to USO, about 60,000 workers are called to the strike at all Spanish airports, who work "in groundhandling services, aircraft and passengers, goods and mail, as well as the service of placement and removal of footbridges" . All these services could be affected.

Workers of Girona airport, in a file image

Workers of Girona airport, in a file image
(Agustí Ensesa)

April 23rd

Strike of Renfe machinists

The machinists union Semaf, the highest representation in the works council of Renfe, has called a strike in the company for the Tuesday, April 23. With the stoppage, of 24 hours, the union denounces the "breach" by the operator of the agreements of professional development in the driving staff, a factor that, according to ensures, adds to the "current situation" of the collective in division of Merchandise.

According to denounce, there are constant changes in the service tables without justification and the night workload is not shared equally, among other labor demands.

Image of a train during a strike in Renfe

Image of a train during a strike in Renfe
(Xavier Cervera)

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