April 19, 2021

What reveals of your personality the way you write the'x' – The Province

What reveals of your personality the way you write the'x' - The Province

Although each time we write less by hand, there are still times when we throw pencil or pen to create words with that unique and impersonal way that only everyone can do it. The writing identifies us and, According to the graphologists, he says a lot about us.

With the analysis of manual writing, we have tried many times to explore the personality of individuals, trying to unravel through the traces we draw the characteristics that define us.

With this idea, only a few weeks ago, a debate on social networks became viral the way we write the 'x'. What stroke do we mark first? Do we always make it from top to bottom or from bottom to top? Or do we alternate the trajectory of each line? In total, the letter can be formed in eight different ways.

These are the eight possible examples, with the color line describing the first stroke and the black line the second.

Although everyone in our school stage is taught to write in a certain way, with the passage of time each one develops his own technique, as it happens with other tasks that we carry out automatically.

The interpretation does not cease to be subjective, but in the heat of the debate, the expert in graphology Kathi McKnight He proposed in the magazine 'Marie Claire' his conclusions on each of these ways of writing the 'x'.

  1. Traditional. At risk of being "stuck in the past".
  2. Renegade. Of people with a desire to "forget their past" and move on.
  3. Rebel. With the traces inverted on the traditional ones.
  4. Sentimental. Characteristic of those who are tempted to "retreat into the past" even if they look to the future.
  5. Nonconformist. Own people who like to live according to "their own rules".
  6. Trend Maker. "Out of the usual order" to start the stroke from the bottom left.
  7. Right. Those who follow the way they learned in school and those who like "order and balance".
  8. Creative. Starting from the top right would give away this characteristic.


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