What replaces from this Friday to ‘Women and men and vice versa’ in Cuatro?

'Women and men and vice versa'.

‘Women and men and vice versa’.

‘Women and men and vice versa’ says goodbye this Friday to Mediaset after thirteen years on the air. The long-lived dating show, which was relegated to Cuatro in 2017 after suffering a gradual loss of audience, has not managed to raise its head since then, which is why the communication group has decided to end his agony on canal mornings.

The format presented in its last stage by Jesus Vazquez barely managed to reach 3% screen share, more than two points below the daily average of Four. It seems that, at least for the moment, the chain has no defined plan to refloat the complicated strip in which ‘MYHYV’ was broadcast until today.

This is reflected in the programming schedule this Friday, March 26. Starting tomorrow, the second Mediaset channel modifies its mornings from top to bottom to broadcast a battery of reruns from other programs.

At 08:30 hours you will bet on repeated chapters of the docushow ‘Bad fleas’, while at 10:05 hours it will be the turn of ‘The leader of the pack’. From 11:00 hours you will be able to see ‘Travelers Four’, followed by more reruns of ‘Stray travelers’. With this restructuring, the chain removes ‘Alert cobra’ from your grill and covers the gap left by ‘MYHYV’.

Upon cancellation of ‘The mornings of Four’ In 2018, audiences for the chain’s morning slot have completely collapsed and have fully affected its daily average, which currently stands at around 5%. In contrast to this, has managed to raise the data of their afternoons thanks to the tandem formed by ‘Everything is a lie’ Y ‘Four a day’.


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