March 6, 2021

What Real Madrid has to improve and what remains pending 15 days after LaLiga starts

Real Madrid finally won a match and in a sense took a weight off. "What we need is a victory, really," said the coach after falling to Tottenham. And the triumph came the next day against Fenerbahce. Among the positive conclusions was that the Bernabéu team (and Benzema) regained the goal, although obviously it is only one day and it does not work, and more taking into account the entity of the rival. It is an aspect that will follow in analysis the next appointments. The Reaction capacity Madrid was also good: he did not fall apart despite everything he had behind (the criticism, the seven goals scored by Atlético) and start losing and even see that Fenerbahce got 2-2 and 3-3 after Go below on the scoreboard. The step forward of Mariano or Fede Valverde was another positive aspect. But this is what the team has to improve:

He has conceded many goals

It’s not just a defense problem, it’s a collective problem. Bayern scored three, Arsenal two, Atlético seven, Tottenham one (but Keylor Navas saved a few more) and Fenerbahce three. They arrive very easily, which can be attributed to the lack of intensity and that the "pieces" are not entirely well placed. Surpassed in the middle, defenses are sometimes sold. If to that the individual errors are united, many goals arrive.

Define the system

During this preseason Zidane has used the 1-4-4-2 a lot, with a striker with freedom and a more fixed one; sometimes this drawing stayed in a 1-4-2-3-1 and the team there has suffered, surpassed in the center of the field. "We lacked players," explained the coach, probably referring to Casemiro With him, Madrid can play with three midfielders, as he has usually done all these years. But Zizou has already announced that they must have several drawings, to use depending on the circumstances.

Integrate signings (especially Hazard)

Hazard returned to show only details in the match against Fenerbahce. It is the star signing and will be a sure holder, but it takes a punch on the Belgian table, a performance that ends with the murmur and speculation about its weight. Surely it is a matter of time, because quality is left over. Zidane, for example, also took a few months to join Real MadridHe heard criticism, but now he is remembered as a club legend. Jovic's role is yet to be defined. The poor man has barely been able to play. And Mendy, also injured, has to recover to find out how much Marcelo is going to push for the job, which for the moment has shown that of lime and sand, against Arsenal and against Atlético or Tottenham.

Solve the Bale case

The Welsh golf game while Madrid played against Tottenham is the last chapter of a disagreement. It seems impossible to continue because of the tense situation, but it is difficult to leave. The Chinese market is no longer an option. One week left for the Premier.

Solve the outbound operation

"When we get to Madrid we will see what is decided. There is time until August 31," Zidane said when asked about Mariano. The forward is one of the "nominees" to leave (he has a market in France and Monaco might be interested), but he was one of the best against Fenerbahce. That, in principle, should not change your situation much. Brahim or Lunin They can also leave the club and maybe some sacred cow.


The situation remains in the same situation in recent weeks. Zidane wants to Mané and Pogba. Liverpool striker is almost impossible, Manchester United's medium is difficult, but you can face the operation.

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