July 11, 2020

What Quique Setién, coach of Barcelona, ​​of independentism thinks

The technician spoke in the past about the matter

Quique Setién is already a coach of Barcelona, ​​a team that perfectly communicates with his idea of ​​conceiving football, but also has an identity that constantly asks himself what to do: whether to be independentist or not.

When Guardiola said that Spain was an oppressive country, Quique Setién was asked about it: “I do not understand that Spain is considered an oppressive country, obviously, because it is not. We have had a democracy for many years that cost a lot to get and get into these processes only leads us to create conflicts and problems before people, “said Setién.

On a possible independence of Catalonia, Setién has once taken him to the sports field: “I would be very sorry that the Catalan teams had to leave the Spanish League,” he said: “Barcelona, ​​Espanyol, Girona … there are teams that give a lot of packaging to the Spanish league and have been here for a lifetime ”

“There are many behaviors and procedures with which one can more or less agree, but I would love that we could continue to enjoy a team from the Barcelona entity in our league,” he said in 2017.


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