What nobody tells you about the Bizum service

The danger of the Bizum service

The Bizum service revolutionized the world of payments on-line for its ease of giving and receiving money just by having the phone number of the person. This system is incorporated in many banking apps online and despite asking you for the security key corresponding, it is a fact that it is not a very complicated way to use.

Bizum's service

Secret that is unknown about the Bizum service

The authorities warn of the upward trend of messages with phishing Links, in which they take advantage to steal all the data and make transfers at the moment. However, something that not many people know is that from the €10,000 must be declare to the Treasurya fact that many criminals overlook and that has served to catch them.

Although it is believed that nobody wants to transfer that much money, it is not such an uncommon act and usually occurs in the case of self employedwho believe that in this way they avoid the formalities, but it is just the opposite. The Bizum service is legislated so that they must be accounted for if that amount is exceeded, and the penalty fee for breaching this notification is quite high.

What no one tells you about the Bizum 2 service