What Mariano said to Sergio Ramos before the fourth penalty at Real Madrid-Atlético de la

Carvajal offered to be the first and Kroos named Rodrygo

Real Madrid once again won the penalty shootout and as always, they have their history. Zidane, with his players, decided how they launched:

Carvajal offers to launch the first penalty, one of the most difficult because he is the one who opens the batch and puts things on his face or not. Mariano wanted to throw, but when he was told that the first, he preferred not to. And before the fourth he tells Ramos: "Throw it away, you're going to put it in."

Sergio Ramos asks Varane, but he seems to answer no, while Kroos drops a name, the most surprising: Rodrygo: “It was a bit difficult to have five (shooters) and I know that in training he has a good shot. He is only 18 years old and could have a little fear of shooting, I understand, but I told him that since he had a good shot he had to do it, ”the German explained later.

Then between Mariano and Sergio Ramos decide who throws the fourth penalty, which turned out to be decisive.


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