What legal problems do the rescuers of the La Palma hound dogs face?

The question that is on everyone’s lips a day after it became known that the owners of the hound dogs trapped by the lava of the La Palma volcano they ventured to rescue them by land is if his action involves a crime. Thus, the history of the Palmerian hunting dogs is far from over and there is a new chapter starring the Civil Guard. The organic unit of judicial police of the The Civil Guard has instructed diligence in case the rescue by land of the dogs surrounded by lava on La Palma could be constitutive of a crime.

In this way, to the already known administrative infraction that involves skipping a control of the authorities, entering the exclusion zone of the volcano to rescue the dogs, a new legal problem is now added if finally the investigation of the Civil Guard concludes that the rescuers committed a crime.

The rescue of the dogs, according to the rescuers and owners of the animals have revealed through the web Hunting Club, occurred on Sunday, the day before the landing on La Palma of the Galician drone company Aerocámaras, which planned to rescue the animals by air with cargo drones. On Wednesday the confusion began when the dogs were not found in the reconnaissance flights carried out by the Galicians.

The first news about the rescue emerged on Thursday morning with a humorous video shared on social networks in which the rescuers, calling themselves ‘A Team’, Team A, showed the area and a banner, hung in one of the ponds, where they revealed that the dogs were fine. After the initial confusion, without knowing if it was a joke or something serious, Club de Caza cleared up the doubts by informing that ‘A Team’ were the hunters who owned the hounds.

Risk to their lives and those of emergency members

Although the objective of saving the animals was achieved and nothing happened, the truth is that the rescuers put their lives and those of the members of the emergency teams at risk, who would have had to go to help them if they had suffered a trouble.

It must be taken into account that not only did they enter the exclusion zone, but they had to cross a lava flow that had surrounded the animals, forming an island in the place where they were.

As nothing happened, it is clear that the rescuers crossed through an area of ​​the wash that is already cold, but even if it is cold on the surface that does not mean that it is safe to go over a lava flow until the eruptive process has finished and the lava stops flowing.

The Meteored geologist (tiempo.com), Lorenzo Pasqualini, explained this Friday that although the shallower part of a lava flow can solidify from contact with colder airMeanwhile, at depth it can continue to flow, forming so-called “lava tunnels”, which can sometimes reach several kilometers in length.

“We feel cheated”

The initiative of the hunters who own the animals, in addition, has left the Galicians of Aerocámaras and the promoters of the idea, the Leales.org platform, with the disappointment of not having been able to test their contraption and of having assembled a device for nothing . In their disappointment, from Leales.org they asked Pevolca for an explanation for what happened and also demanded an investigation into what happened. The Galicians, for their part, have left feeling “cheated.”

Meanwhile, from Pevolca, its technical director Miguel Angel Morcuende, declared the matter settled by stating that the agency had done everything possible to save the animals, authorizing that they be procured water and food by drone, as well as facilitating permits for their rescue by air.

Pevolca’s response did not satisfy Leales.org, which continued with its demand for explanations and clarification of responsibilities. For its part, the Galician company Aerocámaras published several messages on social networks on Friday before leaving La Palma. In one of them they announce that they are leaving after noting that there is no trace of the dogs in the ponds and around the area surrounded by lava.

In another message his deep disappointment is revealed. They say they feel “cheated” and urge the authorities to investigate what happened.


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