July 29, 2021

What is worth buying during Black Friday?

What is worth buying during Black Friday?


The Black Friday continues to be for many consumers a date marked on the calendar in order to acquire a desired product for some time. The objective is to take advantage of the large discounts that many companies use to attract those potential buyers. Therefore, in Black Friday 2018, which will take place on November 23, we must take into account the assets that are worth obtaining according to the pinch that is saved compared to the rest of the year.

The first thing to keep in mind when launching offers is the product you want to buy. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare a list and, from there, start the search. Articles related to technology, fashion and household utensils cover the list of the most economical, although the best method is to search the different multi-market platforms to make a price comparison. We select some of the offers that are worth buying this Black Friday 2018.


Amazon discounts begin a week before Black Friday 2018 arrives. In this way, the consumer is encouraged to start with their disbursement through the offers. This year, at Amazon we can find discounts that arrive up to 95% as in the case of accessories for women, although the normal thing is that oscillate between 20% and 50%. In the niches, where purchases are not so massive, you will find greater discounts to attract consumers.

In this way, we can find different tools for the kitchen such as the Aicok Espresso Coffee Machine at 84.99 euros instead of the initial 115.99, which represents a saving of 27%. It is also a good option to renew the tools of the kitchen the set of knives, Homino 4 Pieces, which can be purchased for 14.39 euros, with a savings of 35%. In addition we found a set of non-stick pans of stainless steel Deik at a price of 39.98 euros, where we find a savings of 33%.

DIY elements such as the Einhell TE-OS 1320 multiple sander are products that are worth acquiring at Black Friday 2018. In particular, this mentioned, we find it at 18.90 euros, with a saving of 46% on the initial price. For personal use, products such as epilators offer good discounts. Specifically, with the Braun at 89.99 euros, 52% is saved.

The English Court

During the week of Black Friday 2018, the retail store El Corte Inglés also launches offers to attract its customers. With a very wide range of products, we must be clear about which one we are going to focus on. For example, in the different clothing brands we will find discounts of up to 50%. As for young fashion, women's shirts and men's shirts are products where we will find considerable savings.

In addition, it should be noted that El Corte Inglés has advanced, as usual, to the week of Black Friday. Thus, has launched the campaign to encourage sales with the «Super Techno-prices», which allows you to buy technological products such as laptops or mobile phones at a very competitive price. During these days, they have carried out the so-called «8 days of gold», which end this Sunday, and in which they put on sale the aforementioned products with great discounts.


Another sector where buyers can save a good pinch is in the textile. Here we highlight the case of Zara, the Inditex firm, which uses Black Friday 2018 to give free rein to its Fall Winter collection, offering 20% discounts in the different clothes that fill your stores.

The products are very varied, from coats to jackets, as are the parka style, passing through shirts. In the case of the first, if a coat is worth 100 euros, we can find it by 80. As for women's fashion, dresses, skirts or even sweaters will be discounted during the week of Black Friday 2018.

In addition to fashion, all kinds of accessories and items for the home will have a wide discount before Christmas comes, so it is an interesting option to make the necessary purchases before the holidays.


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