January 26, 2021

What is the Urban Agenda that has sneaked into the new name of Development?

Following the recommendations of the United Nations and the European Union, President Pedro Sánchez has included the Urban Agenda in the new name of the Ministry of Development, which will now be called Mobility, Transport and Urban Agenda. But what is the Urban Agenda? What does he commit to?


The Spanish Urban Agenda (AUE) is a strategic document, non-normative and voluntary, which seeks to achieve sustainability in urban development policies.

It also constitutes a working document and a process for all the public and private actors involved in the cities.


In 2015 the United Nations Organization (UN) approved the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development, which includes among its seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to design more sustainable cities.

In May 2016, the Amsterdam Pact, approved at the Informal Meeting of European Union (EU) Urban Development Ministers, materializes the long-awaited EU Urban Agenda and five months later it is approved in Quito – at the III Conference of Nations United on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development – the United Nations Urban Agenda.

In February 2019, the Spanish Government approved the Spanish Urban Agenda (AUE), after a participatory process of more than a year and a half.


The Spanish Urban Agenda (AUE) contains, in addition to a decalogue of objectives and a system to evaluate its compliance, an Action Plan for the General State Administration with concrete proposals.


It proposes actions in normative, planning, financing, governance and citizen participation.


Among the legislative measures, the Action Plan provides for regulating, through a housing law, the constitutional right to access decent and adequate housing.

Also, review the state sector legislative framework that affects territorial and urban planning, and move forward in adapting the state regulatory framework in terms of sustainability and accessibility in public spaces and building.


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