What is the last day to buy Christmas Lottery? – The province

There is practically nothing left for the celebration of Extraordinary Christmas Lottery Draw. In the Royal Theater of Madrid await the drums that luck has to share on this special day.

With the conclusion of the raffle an end to a process that began already in summer, when they began selling the first participating numbers of the Christmas lottery coinciding with the launch of a campaign to encourage buying tenths.

Many months have passed to acquire these numbers, but the laggards are still on time. However, How long can you buy Christmas Lottery?

The last day to get tickets to play with at Draw of 'El Gordo' It will be Saturday, December 21, a day before the drums roll.

In the case of Lottery administrations, the tenths They can be purchased until closing, about 9 p.m. However, if anyone wants to hurry even more, they can still buy tickets up to 15 minutes before midnight if they do so online via the Internet.

The issuance of the Christmas raffle This year amounts to 3,400 million euros, and 70% of the issue will be distributed in prizes, that is, that on December 22, a total of 2,380 million euros will be distributed in prizes.

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