March 1, 2021

What is the ideal temperature for air conditioning according to science? – The province

Summer is coming and with it the typical office discussions about what temperature you have to put the air conditioner. A war that is also fought between the sexes.

They tend to be colder and they are more hot. The constitution of each one and the dress with which one goes to work are the fault of this difference, according to a study published by the magazine Nature Climate Change. It is true that in many offices, it is still not well seen that men go in shorts to work, so they wear long pants, shirts and even in some cases, tie, while women can go dressed in lighter clothes and legs to the air.

The best option to avoid discussions between colleagues is to resort to what dictates the National Institute of Safety and Hygiene at Work. According to current regulationsl, the temperature in the offices where sedentary works are carried out, the temperature should oscillate between 23 and 25 degrees in summer and humidity should not fall below 50%.

The 25 degrees is the ideal temperature in the offices / Shutterstock

If the work involves an activity beyond sitting in front of the computer, the temperature of the air conditioning must be somewhat higher and oscillate between the 25 and 27 degrees to avoid sudden changes.

What is the ideal temperature according to science?

Precisely, the 25 degrees is the ideal temperature for us to be happier, according to a study of several universities among which are the one of San Diego, California or Canada.

The team of researchers was able to verify that people respond with more positive attitudes if thermometers oscillate between 20 and 30 degrees.

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