Sun. Dec 8th, 2019

What is the difference between provisional and final scrutiny?

The scrutiny done on the day of the vote by the members of the tables it's not the definitive. This means that the result of the same election night is official, but provisional.

The Electoral Boards carry out a scrutiny between the third and sixth day after to general scrutiny, which is also public. This process is carried out in the same way as the provisional procedure: table by table and in the presence of the representatives and proxies of the candidates. In addition, the parties have the right to make their relevant claims within three days after the proclamation of elected.

Once the deadlines for the various resources and subsequent resolutions have been finalized, the Electoral Board finally proclaims the definitive results at BOE 40 days later of the proclamation of elected. There are not usually many differences between provisional and final scrutiny, although it serves to give greater security to the count.

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