May 31, 2020

What is paperclipping, the strange new way of flirting? – The province

Either because he was the author or because he was the victim, the 'papperclipping' It is something we have all lived at some time in our lives.

This tendency to flirt consists of reappear at any given time, through a touch through social networks, in the life of someone whom, in theory, we had already forgotten. And, thanks to the Internet and the applications, this behavior is gaining more and more strength and is easier to carry out.

It all starts when you have some kind of sentimental or sexual relationship with someone but the 'thing' ends. The contact disappears for months and, in theory, both end up forgetting. However, at one point, one of the two decides to resume contact minimally for no apparent reason – The most common is usually a sudden 'Hello, how are you?' -. The intention is to make the other person not forget him at all although, in reality, not interested in her. He doesn't even want to see her at that moment.

The paperclipping could hurt the person who receives the message by giving false hopes. SHUTTETRSTOCK

It's about keeping the other party in the bedroom just in case. Thaw the relationship so that a small flame is still alive in case you want to return to the relationship later. Meanwhile, the other person may be indifferent or, unfortunately, in a state of craving and hopes that it ends up causing pain for some false expectations.

The term 'papperclipping', which the network illustrator started using Samantha Rothenberg, comes from the name 'Clippy', the Word assistant that was in the form of a clip – it has already been removed by Microsoft – and that would appear as a reminder on the desktop of the computer from time to time, a clear resemblance to this way of linking.

'Clippy' was an old Microsoft icon. YOUTUBE

This link concept adds to other existing terms of relationship such as the following:

-He 'ghosting', which consists of leaving the couple through messages, calls or even without giving explanations.

He 'breadcrumbing ', which has to do with giving love and love to someone, and then disappearing and reappearing for the same purpose, but without ever wanting to reach a serious relationship.

'To orbit', also related to social networks and consisting of being aware of the other person following in their networks and applications, but never taking the step of writing a message.


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