Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

What is Coachella 2019?

¿Qué es Coachella 2019?

This Friday, April 12 marks the beginning of the 19th issue for the Coachella Festival 2019. As every year the Festival draws the attention of the world by the names, always high-sounding, that the organizers sign for the two weekends of April in Indio, California. Over the years, the event has become famous throughout the world and everyone always talks about the great artists who will perform. But do we really know what this festival is?

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It is thought that the
Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival
, this the full name of the event, originated from a boycott in 1993: the Pearl Jam, for a dispute with the Ticketmaster distributor, chose to act in Indio, in the Coachella Valley, instead of Los Angeles. This concert favors a series of events that lead to the first, experimental edition of the festival in October 1999. After some problems that induce the organizers not to propose the edition again in 2000, since 2001 the Coachella has continued to grow , presenting each year new and larger numbers. The figures of the 2017 edition, for example, are impressive: in this year more than 250 thousand people attended the concerts over the three days, and for the first time in history an annual festival gross profits (114 million of $) exceeded 100 million dollars.

In addition to the impressive shows that the festival offers each year, the festival has also become famous thanks to the artistic installations that every year see the participation of dozens of artists and contribute to the Empire Polo Club (the historic "location" of the festival) a mystical place and perfect for a performance in great style. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the enormous media relevance of the Coachella contributes decisively to the career of the various artists who have the opportunity to exhibit their sculptures and installations.

This very effective symbiosis has led thousands of artists from around the world to present their projects, when in principle the organizers, who had a much lower budget, recycled the works of the Burning Man from the previous year.

The first edition of the Coachella was in 1999. Since then the figures have risen exponentially

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