November 30, 2020

“What is clear is the consequence of a sanctioned stepping on European soil”

“What is clear to the dictatorship today is the treatment given to the Democrats (…) versus the treatment given to sanctioned, human rights violators, is what I would like to highlight from that visit,” he said. Guaidó pointed out at a press conference from Caracas.

Guaidó has assured that, during his tour, it has become clear that the Maduro Government does not have “interlocution or any type of access”.

“What he has is rejection and repudiation of the free world and if not ask Delcy Rodríguez,” said Guaidó in relation to the meeting that the Spanish Minister of Labor, José Luis Ábalos, had to hold with the Venezuelan Vice President at Barajas airport (Madrid) because it is prohibited from entering the Schengen area.

Guaidó has also referred to Spain, “an ally of the democratic cause” in Venezuela and recalled that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, was the first European president to recognize him as interim president.

“Pedro Sánchez was the first who recognized me in Europe more than a year ago. His foreign minister (Arancha González Laya) has ratified it a few hours ago,” Guaidó said before recalling the “friendly meeting” held with González Laya during his Recent visit to Madrid.


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