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What is box 475 of the Rent and what is it used for? Income declaration, The Province

What is box 475 of the Rent and what is it used for? Income declaration, The Province

The Tax Agency requests a figure from last year's declaration to make the 2018 Income

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A.R., EP

The campaign of Income 2018 It is already underway and taxpayers can access the draft and submit their statement by phone or online.

To make the Rent via web there are three identification ways: through the Cl @ ve PIN service, through the certificate or electronic ID or with the call reference number.

This reference number can be requested from the Tax Agency giving the value of a box of the previous year's declaration, the 475. This is the box corresponding to the 'General Liquidated Base subject to tax'. The application can be made through the portal of the Tax Agency or its app.

Taxpayers can also meet at the offices of the Tax Agency, requesting a prior appointment. This procedure is done from the "Contact us" section, from the Electronic Office, in "Outstanding procedures", "Previous appointment" or from the banner available on the web's home page.

The number also appears in the fiscal data that the Tax Agency may have sent to the taxpayer by postal mail.

Those who did not file the return last year will not have to worry about the box. At the time of requesting the reference number the AEAT these can enter the last five digits of the IBAN code of your operating current account in 2018.

When entering the figure in box 475, you have to know what it should be separating whole numbers from decimals with a comma and without any symbol. After that, you must press the button 'Get reference'

Up to 10 references may be requested per NIF per day.

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