What is America thinking? | Babelia

What is America thinking? | Babelia

This week Babelia travels to America. Eighteen EL PAÍS correspondents in the main capitals of the continent collect and comment on the most read essays in the countries where they work. From Buenos Aires, for example, Enric González highlights The Root of All Evils, by journalist Hugo Alconada Mon, a recently published book that has already become a symbol of the weariness of Argentine society in the face of corruption. In the United States, according to Amanda Mars from Washington, dust, as expected, the portrait of President Trump made by Bob Woodward in Fear The semblazas of their leaders José Manuel Santos and Daniel Ortega also arouse great interest in Colombia and Nicaragua.

Other issues that concern the continent, according to the best-selling books, are inequality in Brazil, Canadian racism against indigenous people, national identity in Bolivia or Chavismo in Venezuela.

In the following pages the reader of Babelia will find an interview by Jacinto Antón with the British writer Philp Hoare, who has just published in Spanish The soul of the sea after the success of Leviathan or the whale, followed the usual book reviews, with the essay Athens and Jerusalem, of the Russian philosopher Lev Shestov, as the highlight of the week.

The art section is based on an extensive article by Beatriz Sarlo on the meaning of the latest controversy unleashed by the graffiti artist Banksy when he destroyed one of his works after having sold it.

The music critic Diego A. Manrique comments on the publication of the biography of Jann Wenner, creator of the magazine Rolling Stone The theater section includes critiques of the work The curious incident of the dog at midnight and the musicals Anastasia Y West Side Story.

The opinion section includes a column by Alejandro del Río Herrmann on Simone Weil. And Antonio Muñoz Molina reflects on the resistance of the paper book in front of those who predicted its immediate disappearance by the appearance of the ebook


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